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Ask an RD- You've got questions? We've got answers!


At Jamieson, we believe it’s important for Canadians to make informed health and wellness decisions, but we know that making sense of the endless amount of nutrition advice available can be overwhelming.

Whether you want to know more about diet and meal planning, understand more about the role of certain vitamins and supplements, are seeking prenatal or children’s nutrition advice, or even want to know when to take your vitamins, Registered Dietitian Michelle Latinsky, RD is here to help!

How does Ask an RD work?

Want answers? It’s simple. All you have to do is email your question to, and you’ll be notified if your question is selected. Each week, we’ll post a question and answer to this page and on our Facebook page. Your identity will be kept confidential. 

Everyone who submits a question will be entered to win a monthly draw for $100 worth of vitamins!

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Ask an RD is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and should not replace the advice from your trusted healthcare practitioner. We do not provide any medical diagnoses or individualized health counselling.

You asked, we answered! Here are some of this month’s responses to some of your questions:

Q: Are multivitamins necessary for toddlers or children who do not eat fruits and vegetables? – Meetul S.

A: Vitamins and minerals are important nutrients children need for growth, development, and proper daily function. Although the human body synthesizes many vitamins and minerals, a number of these nutrients must be obtained from the diet.

Parents give their children daily multivitamins for a variety of reasons:  some do so to maintain or improve their child’s general overall health. Special consideration for multivitamin intake is given to children who are underweight (if the child is not consuming enough food, they may also be at higher risk of nutrient deficiencies), have food allergies, follow a restrictive diet (e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian), or have an illness that may place them at risk for vitamin or mineral deficiencies. 

Pediatricians may also suggest a daily multivitamin if a child has a poor appetite or erratic eating habits. While a multivitamin is certainly not meant to replace a healthy diet, it can act to supplement any gaps in nutrient intake that can occur when a child does not consume any foods within one particular food group (in this case, fruits and vegetables). Talk to your child’s healthcare practitioner to determine if a children’s multivitamin is right for them.

Learn more about Jamieson Multi’s for Kids:


Q: What is the best supplement for someone with sleep problems?- E. Frank

A: A melatonin supplement is a good option for individuals who are having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Melatonin is a natural substance secreted by your brain when the surrounding environment is dark, gradually inducing a feeling of sleepiness. Exposure to light results in a rapid breakdown of melatonin and prevents any more from being produced. Melatonin plays a key role in our sleep/wake cycle and irregularities in its production can cause sleep problems, lethargy and mood disorders. Plus, melatonin does not have the same side effects of traditional sleep aids. 

Jamieson offers melatonin in a variety of potencies and formats. Talk to your healthcare practitioner to determine which formula is right for you. 

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Q: What are the best formulations to take for joint pain and osteoarthritis? – A.C

A: There are a number of formulations beneficial for people with osteoarthritis, so that you can experience healthy joints without side effects. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound in the body, a building block of cartilage. Supplemental glucosamine helps slow the development of mild to moderate osteoarthritis. By protecting and strengthening cartilage, glucosamine helps cushion and lubricate the joints. It also plays a role in preventing further joint damage, reduces inflammation and supports pain-free movement. Keep in mind that glucosamine can take up to eight weeks to feel an effect, as it takes some time to re-build cartilage in the joints.

If you’re looking for a fast and effective supplement to reduce joint pain while supporting strong bones, Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®) is an innovative ingredient that can do just that. NEM® comes from the thin membrane right between the eggshell and the egg, and it naturally contains the same nutrients that make up joint cartilage. By delivering these nutrients straight to the joints, it helps reduce joint pain and stiffness fast. NEM® is the active ingredient found in the Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Joint & Bone formula, and you’d need to eat 12 or more eggs per day to get the 500 mg equivalent of NEM® found in just one capsule. And since bone and joint health go hand-in-hand, this ingredient, when combined with bone-building vitamin D, will help you get up and keep moving comfortably.

If you suffer from joint pain and stiffness caused by inflammation, a formula with anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients may be the solution for you. This type of formula provides a natural alternative to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, which can have negative side effects when used on a long term basis. Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Anti-Inflammatory contains curcumin (the main spice in curry!), ginger root extract and boswellia, all of which are safe and effective anti-inflammatory herbs.

Always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking any joint health supplement, particularly if you are currently taking pain medication.

Also note: These supplements do not contain peanuts or tree nuts. However, the facility in which they are made is Not Allergen Free. If you have a nut or tree nut allergy, please consult with your healthcare practitioner to ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

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