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From its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Jamieson Laboratories touches the lives of consumers around the world.
Jamieson products are distributed in more than 50 countries, and we are committed to growth by exploring new opportunities
for distribution, acquisition and strategic alliance. A truly multinational, multi-local corporation, Jamieson Laboratories offers a
wealth of international knowledge and regional expertise to serve its customers.
A History of Firsts    

A pioneer in natural health products, Jamieson boasts more than 50 proprietary products. The company holds a
staggering list of "firsts" for both formulas and delivery systems:

• The first mega-potency vitamins
• The first government-approved botanical medicines
• The first clinically proven over-the-counter antioxidant to reduce cholesterol
• A chocolate chewable Vitamin D tablet
• A family of shelf-stable, gastro-protected probiotics
• The smallest and most potent calcium mini-tablet
• The first government-approved flu and cold formula made with LPx3 echinacea
• The first fast-dissolving Vitamin B12 strip
• An exclusive line of vegetable-based glucosamine products

360 Pure: The Jamieson Guarantee of Quality, Purity and Potency Good for You.
Good for the Planet
Good Reasons to
Choose Jamieson

Since 1922, Jamieson Laboratories has
been recognized for innovation and excellence in producing premium natural-source vitamins and supplements. Our proprietary, quality-assurance protocol, 360 Pure, elevates those industry-leading standards with a full-circle program that ensures Jamieson products are the safest, purest and most effective natural-health supplements on the market.

In an age when supplements of questionable provenance crowd the marketplace, 360 Pure distinguishes Jamieson from all others. It is a symbol of premium products that you can trust.At Jamieson, we embrace sustainability and are optimistic that each positive action can make a difference. Jamieson cares– for people, for animals and for the planet.

• Natural source formulations
• Freshest ingredients from around the world
Researched, developed and manufactured in-house
• Pharmaceutically tested
• Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
• Absolute clinical purity assured
• Manufactured in small batches
• Full potency guaranteed
• No animal testing
• Trusted since 1922