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Maximum Defense

Jamieson FluShield is one of the world's most advanced natural immune-boosting supplements.
This clinically proven formula helps our bodies to better resist viral infections.

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  • Clinically proven to fight the onset and symptoms of flu, colds and upper-respiratory infections
  • Fast-acting and free of immune-suppressing isobutylamides found in other Echinacea formulas

FluShield FAQs

What Makes FluShield Different?
A potent strain of Echinecea augustifolia, Jamieson FluShield is the result of 12 years of research and selective breeding for the purest and most powerful species of this native North American wildflower. The Echinacea angustifolia found in FluShield is a premium and uniquely bioactive botanical extract that was chosen from among 40 plants for its high concentration of immune-boosting properties. With FluShield, Jamieson has taken the purest natural source and used state-of-the-art science to produce your best defense for the coming cold and flu season.

Why is FluShield More Effective?
  • Derived from a specialized genotype of premium Echinacea angustifolia
  • Selected for the unparalleled potency of its vital plant compounds
  • Exclusively cultivated near Verona, Italy, to protect its genetic purity
  • Innovative, pharmaceutical-extraction technology is used to capture the active plant compounds
  • Triple standardization ensures that each capsule is clinically pure
  • Fast-acting and free of immune-suppressing isobutylamides found in other echinacea formulas
Why Verona, Italy?
To preserve the genetic integrity of this rare Echinacea angustifolia, the plant stock is grown in isolation near Verona, Italy, a region chosen for climate and soil similar to its native habitat in North America. Triple-standardized scientific processing captures the most beneficial plant compounds and removes immune-suppressing actives that are present in common echinacea formulas. 

Visit the FluShield Fields with Bryce Wylde

In May 2010, Bryce Wylde traveled to Italy to see the FluShield plantation and production laboratory. During his trip, Bryce met with local botanists and science officers at the Indena Project farms to see first hand how FluShield was made. Watch video

Don't Get the Flu!

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