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  Does your Omega-3 fish oil have a five-star IFOS rating?

Jamieson has long been aware of potential contaminants associated with marine-sourced raw materials. In response, since our Fish Oil supplements were introduced, we have conformed to Health Canada, FDA and WHO regulations concerning contaminants like PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides and dioxins. Our raw materials are routinely tested for these contaminants.
The testing methods used for our fish oil supplements follow standards set by the United States EPA. The supplements are also reviewed extensively by Health Canada for safety and quality claims. Our method 01.04.45 was developed based on the follow source: Voluntary Monograph, Council for Responsible Nutrition March 2006 AOAC Official Methods of Analysis (991.39) European Pharmacopoeia 5th Edition, 2005 (2.4.29): "Composition of Fatty acids in Oils Rich in Omega-3-Acids".
Jamieson does not have an IFOS rating primarily because the rating has no intrinsic value from the scientific and technical point of view. From a standards point of view, the existing rigorous testing by Jamieson to evaluate its fish-oil products would meet all the requirements for a five-star IFOS rating.