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Share the Health is back!


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You purchase Jamieson for the health of your family, but did you know that with your purchase, you’re also sharing vitamins and improving the health of a child in need through Jamieson’s partnership with Vitamin Angels?

From May 1st through June 30th, for every purchase of specially tagged products, Jamieson will donate life-changing vitamins to a child in need.

Photos © Sophia Billikopf Vitamin Angels 


Vitamin A deficiency is an international health problem, and can cause a weakened immune system leading to serious illness. Only two doses of vitamin A annually can help prevent this deficiency, and its life-threatening effects, when given to children under the age of five.

Help us reach our goal of helping 500,000 children! Look for specially tagged products in-store today.

What is Vitamin Angels?

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to help at-risk populations in need – specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five – gain access to life-changing vitamins and minerals. You can learn more about them and their life-changing work by clicking here.














By supporting the Jamieson and Vitamin Angels’ partnership, you’re helping to Share the Health with children like...

Julieta: La Paz, age 4

At four years old, Julieta is a bundle of energy and affection. She and her mother, Irma, live with their incredibly close family in the remote mountain community of La Paz in El Salvador. Julieta loves to run and play—especially with her cousin Amanda!

Photos © Sophia Billikopf Vitamin Angels 

Not only did Irma take prenatal vitamins while she was pregnant, she also makes sure that Julieta receives vitamins regularly now, and she has noticed that Julieta doesn’t get sick as often as the children that don’t take the vitamins provided through Vitamin Angels’ services. Irma is overjoyed and proud that her daughter is happy and healthy. 

Julieta is very excited to start school next year when she turns five! Irma hopes that her daughter will study hard to one day become a teacher or a doctor so that she can give back to her community.


Heimy: Libertad Residencial, age 2

Heimy is an extra spunky two-year-old living in the community of Libertad Residencial, El Salvador with her loving family. Her mother and her grandmother are both passionate about ensuring that Heimy is healthy; they want to be certain that she goes to school so that she will have the greatest number of opportunities as she grows up.


Photos © Sophia Billikopf Vitamin Angels 

One of the ways that they support Heimy’s health and development is by bringing her to the local health clinic to receive vitamin A and deworming treatments every six months. Since Heimy began receiving these treatments, her grandma, Virginia, says that Heimy is even more energetic and has a healthier appetite—she eats everything!

Virginia hopes that one day her granddaughter will grow up to be a professional and have a career that she loves.


Jose Alexander: Apaneca, age 9 months

Jose Alexander is just 9 months old, and he lives with his mother in Apaneca, a community skirting several large coffee plantations in the northwestern corner of El Salvador. The majority of people living in Apaneca – including most of Jose Alexander’s family – work on the plantations harvesting coffee. The community has a small clinic, but the clinicians are only able to treat minor illnesses and conditions. That’s why preventative healthcare, like vitamins and deworming treatments, is so important in this area.

Photos © Sophia Billikopf Vitamin Angels 

Anali, Jose Alexander’s mother, found out about the vitamin distributions when Vitamin Angels’ program partner, FUSAL, went door-to-door in the community to be sure that all the families were aware of the program and its benefits. She has been bringing her son to the vitamin distributions since he was six months old. His sweet smile and demeanor radiated throughout the vitamin distribution site—he looked so healthy and strong!