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The newest addition to the Digestive Care Family


While it can be difficult to get all the fibre you need from diet alone, many rely on traditional fibre supplements that aren’t the best tasting. These supplements are also often accompanied by unwanted digestive upsets, making fibre supplements even more difficult to swallow.

Made from 100% natural Vita-Fiber™, New Jamieson Digestive Care™ Daily Fibre is a delicious, digestible, vegetable-sourced prebiotic fibre powder that helps to promote your digestive health, and is the first and only natural fibre powder that doesn’t cause gas or bloating.  

  • Daily Fibre is a natural sourced fibre that does not cause gas or bloating
  • Easy to take. It dissolves completely in water and doesn’t thicken
  • Comes in two great-tasting flavours- Natural Mixed Berry and Natural Tangerine
  • Can be taken up to three times daily
  • Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Simply mix 1 heaping teaspoon into 240 ml of water and drink
  • Can be found in the stomach aisle of drug and grocery stores

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