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Jamieson and the Canadian Cancer Society: Partners in Sun Safety


If you’re familiar with vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin” you might know that your body produces it on its own with exposure to sunshine, providing a ton of health benefits from bone and immune support, to helping lift your mood. Recent studies have shown that there is evidence that vitamin D may offer a degree of protection against the development of certain cancers, particularly colorectal and breast cancers*.

Unfortunately, when it comes to obtaining that sunshine vitamin, the reality is that exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun are the leading cause of skin cancer. Jamieson is proud to be partners with the Canadian Cancer Society, to help raise awareness of sun safety and safe, alternative sources of vitamin D, such as vitamin D supplements.

Find tips on how to enjoy the sun safely at or contact the Cancer Information Services Sun Safety Hotline at 1-888-939-3333.

Plus, join us here on our website, and on Facebook for Sun Safety Awareness week June 5-11.



*The American Journal of Public Health, 2006