3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Beach Bag Needed This Summer

You already know to pack your sunscreen, bug spray and your comfy sandals for your summer getaway, but there are some things that should be on your packing list that are often overlooked and forgotten. Whether you’re travelling for an extended holiday or just to the local beach, here are a few important items for your long- awaited summer plans that you probably didn’t know you needed--and they will keep you packing light, too.

#1 Long car rides, fun in the summer heat and enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage can quickly leave you dehydrated. An easy way to ensure you’re getting enough water throughout the day is by flavouring it up! Sure you can squeeze in some lemon or lime, but why not make it even tastier with new Jamieson 100% Complete Multivitamins Drink Mixes! Each stick is deliciously flavoured to deliver 100% of your vitamin needs, so you’ll get the energizing and immune-boosting vitamins you need to enjoy your summer plans, too. Talk about multitasking.

#2 It can be difficult to stick to your healthy diet routine while on holidays, and you wouldn’t want digestive upsets to ruin your summer plans. To be prepared for the unexpected, pack a daily probiotic supplement. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in our gut that help to maintain digestive, and even immune health. Foreign bacteria and certain foods can cause an imbalance in your gut flora which can lead to gas, bloating or even traveler's diarrhea, good reasons to make sure these friendly guys are packed along for the ride.

#3 You know the importance of sunscreen for its role in preventing sunburns and lessening your chances of developing melanoma. But did you know that sunscreen can hinder your body’s natural vitamin D production? While exposure to sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, supplementation still remains the safest way to get your vitamin D all year-round; yes -that means the summer, too. If you don’t think you can squeeze one more item into your travel bag, luckily for you, from the car ride to the shade, this vitamin D spray is small enough to take with you anywhere you go.

Happy Longweekend-ing!