3 Times Your Child May Need a Multivitamin

If there is one thing virtually all experts agree on, it is this: your child’s development is strongly dependent on their nutrition. But how do you know that they’ve received all of the vitamins they need? Though some children may get what they need from diet alone, this isn’t always the case. As parents, we know sometimes getting your kids the best quality food isn’t always feasible. Sometimes they’re picky eaters, sometimes it isn’t available, and sometimes you just don’t have the time! Though there isn’t a substitute for good nutrition, supplementation can provide a nice compliment if you’d like a little insurance on your child’s nutrition. Unsure whether your child could benefits from a multivitamin? Here are a few instances where a nutritional supplement may be right for your child.

Picky-eaters with Spotty Diets
Are you having trouble keeping greens on the plate? If your child isn’t much a fan of foliage, getting them the nutrients they need can be a challenge. As picky eaters may not always be getting their 4-6 a day the traditional way, a multivitamin could be a good option to gain some reassurance. While we’d love to provide our children with a full diet of whole foods, the reality stands that today’s world is just too busy to always provide our children with the best nutrition. Though many foods are enriched with the most important nutrients, we can’t always count on diet alone to ensure our children are getting everything they need for optimal development. As a common example, it is known that the average growing child requires ample calcium. The knowledge that isn’t as commonplace is that children who drink carbonated drinks and doesn’t intake enough calcium-enriched foods and beverages, in turn ingest phosphate, which is said to interfere with calcium absorption, impeding bone health. Loaded with vitamins C and D to support healthy development and calcium for good for bone health, a multivitamin is a surefire way to get your child what they need, when they need it.

Back to School
It’s the most wonderful time of the year; but though back to school may mean back to routine, it also means back to germs. With many children returning to classrooms with the bugs and bacteria they’ve collected over the summer, strengthening your child’s immune system quickly climbs to the top of the priority list. With things like learning and physical development hanging in the valence, a weakened immune system can quickly jeopardize development, making it hard for your child to learn, grow, or even heal from cuts and bruises the way they should. When your kids are headed back into the den of sticky fingers, supplementation can put your mind at ease. A study found that there was an improvement in the “accuracy of attention task performance” when children between 8 to 14 years of age took vitamin/mineral supplements. Additionally, preliminary reports from a number of clinical trials suggest that multivitamins and minerals may have a positive effect on both intelligence and aggression₁.Omega-3 supplements provide healthy fats that encourage brain and nerve growth, promote healthy metabolism, and allow the body to absorb vitamins! Easily considered the guardians of the immune system, Omega-3 (healthy fats), vitamin C, and vitamin E wage the war on germs, helping your child maintain a strong immunity that can help them stave off potential attacks to the system.

Change of season
The summer months kick our sun-phobia into overdrive, amplifying both our prudence and our precautionary measures. This often means soaking our kids in twice the amount of sunscreen just to be twice as sure. Though this may seem like the solution in the time and place, this ultimately prevents them from generating the necessary amount of vitamin D, so if they’re this side of the equator, it’s no wonder so many of them are deficient! Headed back into the shade for a grueling 8 months, it almost goes without saying that they will need a supplement to ensure they are receiving their RDA of the sunshine vitamin.

Vitamins and minerals are important nutrients children need for growth, development, and proper daily function. Although the human body synthesizes many vitamins and minerals, a number of these nutrients must be obtained from one’s diet. With proper foods declining in availability, sometimes you can’t get them what they need from diet alone. Sometimes, they need a multivitamin.

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