5 "Somethings" to do This Summer

The flowers are in bloom, the sun is beaming, and just like that, another season has come to a close. Nothing calls for a break like the smell of fun in the air. Hit pause on your daily routine to take some time for YOU. Stuck on where to start? We’ve got 5 dynamic ways to kick off the summer!

Brew something

Digestion is at the heart (or gut) of good health. Fussy absorption can be causing you undue stress, inconsistent sleep and wake cycles and a spotty complexion, surely putting a damper on your summer plans. Take on the challenge by brewing up some kombucha. A natural probiotic drink, it’s a great way to keep your gut in check. To brew your own batch, follow these instructions.

Shake something

Not only do smoothies taste good, but the combinations are endless. With the right ingredients, you can scrub up your culinary skills and craft a new tasty rendition each day that you can totally take the credit for. A satisfying way to get lots of good-for-you essential nutrients in just a few pulses of a blender, they are easy to take with you when your summer plans take you on the move. Looking for some easy recipe ideas to get you started? We like to use this one, especially in recipes like this Peanut Butter and Jam Smoothie Bowl, or this Tropical Green. Hungry yet?

Grow something

Herbs and spices are the perfect way to top off summer cooking. Not only do they up the flavour factor, but you can tend to them from your garden, or right from your countertop ! Adding fresh aromas to your favourite recipes and even some much-needed greenery to your space has never been simpler! Here are the steps:

  • Pick your favourite seasonal herbs – we like coriander, basil and dill.
  • You’ll also need pots for each of your plants (we say opt for individual ones so you can care for your plants’ specific needs. Make sure they have drainage holes so that you can properly water them).
  • If you’re starting with seedlings, fill your pot with a 50/50 mix of potting soil and seed-starting mix. Check your seed package for appropriate seed depth, and sow your seeds.
  • Put them somewhere where they’ll get plenty of sun, and pick one day a week to give them some water.
  • Pluck and prepare as needed in food, or even cold beverages!

Do something

Sunny day with not much to do? There’s no better time to spend outdoors than in the summer months. Keeping active is good for more than your waistline. Cardiovascular activities are good for the heart, lungs, and body as a whole. Hit the gym, join a team or go for a walk. It’ll do you a world of good and give you a much needed break from digital distractions. What’s more? Safe sun exposure has been tied to a lift in moods, an increase in focus and a heightened sense of mental alertness.

Sun power is no joke: A study at the University of Pittsburg showed spinal injury patients experienced less pain and took fewer pain medications throughout their recovery when they were exposed to natural light. Whether it be sports, a cycle or a really long walk, take advantage of the weather and the flexibility it brings.

Chill something

Pull out a lawn chair, grab your smoothie and your book of choice so that you can take some time to sip, savour and enjoy the view! You deserve it. It is summer, after all.