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Defend yourself against colds and flu


As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. With the arrival of cooler weather, many of us are bound to get stuck at home with yet another case of the sniffles. Prepare yourself to fight cold and flu bugs this season with these helpful tips:

  1. Good hygiene is important for preventing the spread of viruses. Wash your hands frequently and avoid rubbing your eyes, nose or mouth. Sneeze or cough in a tissue or the crook of your arm. 
  2. Drink lots of fluids. Dehydrated cells offer an easy path for viruses to enter your system and cause infection.
  3. The Immune Enhancer. Echinacea can help minimize the duration of cold and flu symptoms and alleviate sore throats. Echinacea works by increasing the production of infection-fighting cells, leaving your body better prepared to fight off cold and flu viruses. Try: Jamieson Echinacea 4,000 mg - A max potency of Echinacea, formulated to help fight cold symptoms and shorten the duration of colds and flu.
  4. Stock up on nature’s best remedy. Vitamin C is among the most popular supplements during cold and flu season. Shown to reduce the duration of viruses and the severity of their symptoms, vitamin C supports a healthy immune system. Try: Exxtra- C 1,000 mg – An advanced timed-release delivery system that provides superior absorption and bioavailability of vitamin C over a 24 hour period. 
  5. Let the sun shine! The reduction in sun exposure during fall and winter months means our bodies produce less vitamin D at a time of year when we are more likely exposed to viruses that can cause infection. Research shows that a vitamin D supplement may help fight off winter colds and flu by boosting the body’s own immune system. Try: Jamieson Essentials Vitamin D 1,000 IU - Provides 1,000 IU of high-quality vitamin D3, the same form that the body naturally produces when the skin is exposed to sunlight.
  6. Probiotic supplements can give you natural immune protection. More than 400 species of bacteria live in your digestive system and the good ones are known as probiotics. Their role is to keep your intestinal tract healthy. Try: Jamieson Essentials Probiotic 10 Billion -  Provides 8 unique probiotic strains to help maintain and restore the intestinal balance of good bacteria and maintain immune health.
Need more anti-flu remedies?

Stress can also weaken your immune system, so pack a B Complex like Jamieson’s Timed Release Vitamin B100 Complex to help restore these stress-depleted nutrients necessary for energy production. If you feel a scratchy throat coming along, grab some Honey Lemon Zinc Lozenges with Vitamin C and Echinacea to soothe your throat and boost your immunity.

And remember, a healthy immune system depends on good nutrition, adequate sleep and regular exercise. Be sure to make time for all 3 no matter how busy your schedule.