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Jamieson Omega-3s take home Best New Product Award


Our newest line of Omega-3 NFA (No Fishy Aftertaste) products just got another three-word credential to add after its name—Best New Product!

We are proud to announce that our tight-knit family of Jamieson Omega-3 supplements was just voted the #1 best product in 2017 within the Vitamin/Supplement category*.  

Taking fish oil supplements used to feel more like a chore: the combination of a large softgel with that fishy burb-back that popped up at the most inconvenient times, made fish oil supplements hard to add into your daily routine. That’s why we are excited to offer Canadians an easier and less fishy way to glean all the health benefits of omega-3 supplements! Check out our winners below to read more about them:






*According to results of the 2017 BrandSpark Best New Product Awards survey and real user feedback from Shopper Army.

*The Best New Product Awards logo is a trademark of Best New Product Awards Inc., used under license.