New Line for a Better You

Your body is in constant flux, and as it changes, so do its needs. Our team of experts have developed a new line of products formulated to help you through the stages. Whether it be for healthy baby, or healthy you, our new range is formulated to serve you in taking better care.

Probiotic Colic Relief
You know your baby’s cry, so when colic strikes, panic isn’t far behind. It is estimated that colic, a period of inconsolable crying, occurs in 8%-40% of infants. In newborns, colic can come as a result of stomach discomfort due to an imbalance of bacterial microbiota. Jamieson’s Probiotic Colic Relief Drops is an easy-to-use, liquid supplement that contains clinically researched probiotic strains Bifidobacterium longum (CECT 7894) and Pediococcus pentosaceus (CECT 8330) to help support baby’s gastrointestinal health and alleviate baby’s crying.
Women’s Probiotic Complex
This complex is formulated with probiotics cultures specific for women’s health. With 5 unique strains, it provides 7 billion active cells to help support gastrointestinal, immune and vaginal health by promoting a positive gut flora.
Adult 50+ Probiotic Complex
As we age, so do our digestive tracts. This may lead to a decline in good bacteria, and a tilt in our gut balance as a whole. Our Adult 50+ Probiotic Complex contains 10 different strains of probiotic, formulated to counter weakening gut health by aiding in the support of intestinal health while encouraging a favourable gut flora.
Herbal Complex: Menopause Relief
Using natural ingredients, this one-a-day herbal complex works to relieve hot flashes and menopausal discomfort, all the while assisting in the maintenance of healthy bones. It’s TRU-ID certified so you can be certain of the ingredient’s authenticity, every time.
Collagen Turmeric Complex
With just one pill a day, our Collagen Turmeric Complex brings together the therapeutic benefits of collagen and turmeric to provide joint pain relief and anti-inflammation support.