New Probiotics Technology

Current estimates place the number of bacterial cells occupying our body at 3 to 10 times the amount of human cells. Among the trillions of bacteria occupying our digestive tracts, probiotic strains are reputed as the “good ones”. Probiotics are considered helpful and positive for the human microbiome because they help us keep our intestinal health afloat and are pivotal for good digestion.

Why take a probiotic supplement?

Probiotics help maintain a healthy immune system by keeping your gut full of good bacteria, ultimately with the objective of inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and yeasts. It’s difficult for diet alone to provide us with the probiotics we need to maintain a healthy digestive tract, and things like stress, unbalanced diets, medications and antibiotics only disrupt their balance further. This is where supplementation comes in, transporting billions of live, active, and friendly probiotic cells to our intestinal system. However, preserving the potency of each probiotic capsule is no small feat! As such, Jamieson has taken on a number of initiatives to ensure that our capsules are protected from the elements, keeping these live cells intact, guaranteeing freshness and promising potency all the way through expiration.

What makes Jamieson probiotics so good?

In our journey toward continual improvement, Jamieson has evaluated the stability performance of industry standard packaging. After assessing cutting edge technologies, we have identified the advanced tube as the leading packaging format in the world of probiotics. This specialized tube technology provides protection from moisture transmission for each capsule from bottling through storage, shipping and shelf life, ensuring the highest potency from production through expiration.

Jamieson new format for 10 billion probiotic supplement

Jamieson is focused on quality

At Jamieson, we place quality at the heart of everything we do, consistently self-assessing to make room for improvement, and constantly innovating to ensure we continue to provide you with best in class products, our probiotics being no exception.

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