Self-Care For The Seasons

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, a happy holiday starts with you. But while in the hustle of getting things done, it’s easy to lose sight of your own needs. And while you do what you can to eat right, and exercise regularly, none of that will do the work unless you put equal focus on what’s happening on the inside. The best way to make this holiday season count is to set some time aside for yourself to breathe and re-center. Keep your mind and body aligned with these simple, but effective, methods for holiday self-care. After all, the season is all about spreading holiday cheer, right?

Keep tabs on stress and triggers

The holiday season can be full of stressors. From finding the right gift to planning the perfect meal, some scenarios are most certainly more pleasant than others. Social interactions can sometimes fall into the later. Since stress and social interaction have a strong neurobiology, their existence is nearly interdependent. Particularly, stress from social interactons can have a negative impact on your immunity while also creating feelings of dejection and triggering cortisol release. Studies have shown a direct correlation between high stress and stronger aptitude to developing other conditions like depression, anxiety and insomnia. This cascading effect has a serious impact on your mental health and how well you’re able to deal with the busy season.

Keep your eye on the green

Chances are, once the holidays hit, the first part of your routine to go out the window is diet. And we don’t blame you—the season is full of delicious holiday treats. Staying in tune with what’s on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some of your favourites from time to time. Ensuring you keep greens on your plate puts nutrition front of line, keeping your immunity up by consequent, and can as simple as popping a handful of spinach to your morning smoothie or omelet.

Stay moving

Exercise has been linked to an increase in serotonin, resulting in more positive mood and ability to manage stress. Make sure you’re getting a sweat in at least 3 days a week to be sure you’re keeping up. This doesn’t always have to mean hitting the gym. If you’re stretched for time, try going for a walk at lunch or doing some desk exercises. Making sure you stay active during the holidays will also help you ease into getting the New Year started off right.


Whether it be material, emotional or familial, a lot of the holiday season’s energy can surround what you don’t have. Spend some time being grateful for things you do have. Don’t forget that the holidays are about celebration. Make sure that whatever you do, fun is at the forefront, and above all, make sure to take time for you this season.