The Newest Way To Get Your Essentials

The secret is out – there’s a new addition to our line-up! Now introducing: Essentials™ plus Protein, the most delicious way to start your day!

Principal in the maintenance of good health, protein is one of three macronutrients in the diet. It builds and repairs tissues, forges many of your body’s chemicals, and is a building block for your bones, muscles and cartilage. Protein provides fuel for the body’s energy and is essential to the growth and maintenance of body structures. Recommended to be 35% of your diet, it is a key player in your day- to-day regime. But do you get enough?

We know you take the proper steps to stay healthy, but looking after health while maintaining your energy levels can be a tall order. That’s why we’ve formulated Jamieson Essentials™ plus Protein to be unlike any other. A powerful combination of our family of Essentials™, it’s loaded with your daily requirements of omega-3s, vitamin D, probiotics and multivitamins, and is the perfect boost in nutrients that will help you seize the day. The perfect pick-me-up for when you’re pressed for time, Jamieson Essentials™ plus Protein contains all the nutrients you need plus the power of protein, all in one nutritious shake!

Essentials Multi

Essentials Omega-3

Essential Probiotic

Essentials Vitamin D

Essentials Protein

Jamieson Essentials plus protein is available in three delicious flavours in the vitamin aisle and wherever our products, or nutritional supplements, are sold!


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