Think you’re getting enough of the sunshine vitamin?

Warm, sunny days are finally here again and it’s time to rejoice! While you may be enjoying more time outdoors, gardening, or dining on a patio, there may be just one thing you’re missing – vitamin D.

Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin”, and while it’s true that your body can make all of the vitamin D you need with less than an hour of sun exposure two to three times a week, getting enough vitamin D is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Natural production of vitamin D requires a lot of skin surface – which means your full arms and legs need to be exposed to the sun, without sunscreen on. However, although it’s extremely important to always wear sunscreen in order to protect against sunburn and skin cancer, sunscreen does block the UV rays from the sun that your body requires in order to make enough vitamin D. Another hurdle we face trying to get enough vitamin D all year-round is that we live in a four-seasoned country. And even in the short span of summer that we do get, it’s difficult to fit catching some rays into our busy work and personal schedules.

The body’s ability to produce vitamin D also declines as you get older, and if you have dark skin pigmentation. External factors such as clouds and air pollution can inhibit vitamin D production by blocking the UV rays, so this may be another factor to consider if you’re living in or near a large city.

How much vitamin D do you need?
Recent studies show that vitamin D supplementation of approximately 1,000 International Units (IU) per day, in addition to what you obtain from sunlight and the diet, may offer a significant degree of protection against the development of certain cancers. Since 2007, the Canadian Cancer Society has recommended that all adults in Canada talk to their healthcare professional about supplementing with 1,000 IU of vitamin D in the fall and winter months. But if you are over 50, have dark skin, don’t spend much time outside, or wear clothing that covers most of your skin, the Canadian Cancer Society suggests talking to your healthcare professional about supplementing with 1,000 IU of vitamin D all year-round.

So regardless of the fact that it’s summer, vitamin D is still an important nutrient to ensure you are getting enough of on a daily basis. One quick and easy way to ensure you get all the vitamin D you need each day is with new Jamieson Vitamin D Spray. It’s a quick and convenient way to get all the vitamin D you need each day in just one spray. Plus, the refreshing natural orange flavour is perfect for use on those warm summer days!