Your Cold and Flu Must-Haves

For Canadians, cold and flu season means coats and hats and fuzzy mittens, but for our bodies? It’s a call for nutrients. With the cold gusts of winter sending us into a panic, arming yourself for cold weather becomes priority number one. But what do you need, and to what extent? Thank goodness we are experts!This season, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of must-haves to help you put winter wellness at the forefront.

Skin lacking lustre?
The winter often comes with strong winds and low relative humidity. This can be very harsh on our extremities, leaving us with dry, flaky skin that could often use a boost. A perfect solution? A vitamin A-rich moisturizing cream. Since vitamin A promotes the production of healthy skin cells and encourages fibroblasts (the cells responsible for the firming of your skin), this is a great way to keep moisturizing at the top of your priority list this winter.

Bones feeling a little brittle?
Good things come from the sun, including vitamin D. Well known for its role in supporting calcium absorption, as well as maintaining healthy bones and teeth, vitamin D also helps boosts the immune system to help prevent major diseases. What’s more, vitamin D increases serotonin, which will help thaw your seasonally frosty winter demeanour. For optimal benefits, up your dosage throughout the chillier months.

Feeling a little moody?
On the subject of cold comportment, feeling a little moody lately? Your temperament has a tendency to fluctuate with the weather, so with the lack of vitamin D to boot, it’s no wonder you may need a little help cheering up through the chillier months. 5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino-acid known for having a positive effect on mood, sleep and metabolism, so adding 5-HTP to your supplementation regime can have a world of impact on your winter wellness!

Not getting enough sleep?
Sleep is an essential part of routine, so any more or less than we need could certainly compromise our desire to “get up and go”, and with darker days and colder nights, winter can leave you longing for those 40 winks. Melatonin, a hormone secreted by your pineal gland to help control your sleep and wake cycles, can be used in a supplement to help restore healthy sleep patterns for more rest when you need, for more energy when you wish! And, who doesn’t want a little extra sleep on those snowy days?

Energy in flux?
From managing stress and fueling energy to strengthening your immune system, the B vitamins support optimal health. This complex family works together to regulate a variety of vital body functions and must be replenished daily, especially during times of physical or mental stress. If fatigue is your main complaint, take a B12 or a multivitamin containing a high dose of vitamin B (50 mg to 100 mg) each morning. A little more energy can go a long way when trying to trek through snowy sidewalks while packing on extra pounds from our heavy jackets!

Having tummy troubles?
The foods we tend to ingest during the holiday season are typically more insulating than those in the later months, so proper digestion chimes in as one of the top priorities for a healthy immune system this season. Among the many things you can do to help bust the seasonal bloating, taking a probiotic is one of them! With half of the body’s immunity coming from a healthy lower intestine, a probiotic formula not only boosts the stomach’s “good” bacteria to help digest food, but it fortifies the healthy balance of microflora. Stress and excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine can inhibit these important allies to immune-defense, so be sure to boost your body each day with a multi-strain probiotic supplement like our Probiotic 10 billion.

Feel a scratchy throat coming on?
Picture this: you’re in the office and all is still, until all of a sudden, your sneeze comes out shrill. No one wants to be THAT PERSON. The good news? You are more likely to prevent the spread or full contagion of a cold in its early stages. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to prevent it from getting worse at the first signs of a cough or cold. For the best odds, it’s important to take extra precaution during the winter months to keep your immune system strong. Though washing your hands with antibacterial soap and staying hydrated can definitely help prevent the cold and flu, your immune system is strongly influenced by the intake of vitamins and nutrients. For that reason, immune-boosting nutrients are important for alleviating the common cold. With ginger being an anti-inflammatory, zinc fighting infection, and vitamin C reducing the duration of illness overall, they are without a doubt the warriors of the immune system! New from Jamieson, Cold Fighter combines four natural cold fighting ingredients, echinacea, ginger, zinc and vitamin C, all compacted into a softgel or chewable tablet! Just one per day can help give your immune system the boost it needs to fight off colds and the flu. Cold Fighter can help fight early signs of cold and flu symptoms, help fight colds and upper respiratory tract infections, help relieve cold symptoms and shorten the duration of colds.