Your Last Minute Checklist, Carry-On Approved

With the dog days nearing their end, it’s coming time to dig up the fall garb and bid a formal adieu to the summer sun. In the season’s last gasp, everyone is looking to get in some last minute travel. But whether it be lounging on a faraway beach or taking in the scenic landscape at a cottage nearby, we’ve all been there: you arrive at your destination, open your luggage and come to find that you’ve left behind a crucial item on your checklist. Cue the calamity! Vacations are meant to be about you and your well-being, but being ill-prepared could put a damper on your plans! In anticipation of some long awaited R&R, it isn’t uncommon for travellers to rush through the pre-roll, forgetting parts of their regimens essential to their routines, leaving things like sleep, digestion and overall health to fall by the wayside, and ultimately jeopardizing the repose of their getaway. Looking to kick back and keep your summer moments intact? Remember these last-minute items!

Reusable water bottle, empty

Whatever the weather, hydration is fundamental, so when it comes to your body, water is king. Responsible for the regulation of your body’s temperature and the movement of nutrients throughout your system, water and hydration play critical roles in your summer health. With the sunny months being virtually synonymous with perspiration and water loss, hydration is an absolute requirement throughout the summer season. Prioritizing your water intake means giving your body what it needs to run efficiently, both at home and on your travels, so make sure you always have the option by keeping an empty bottle with you in your carry-on or personal items. Aside from helping you skip the sugary drinks, packing a refillable bottle will not only ensure you stay hydrated, but can help you save money and the planet!

Pro tip: Empty your bottle before heading to security so you don’t have to chug it all before crossing the gate. Fill it right before boarding your flight so you can stay hydrated at altitude. Not sure of the quality of water in the country you’re visiting? Keep a filter at the ready. This way you can avoid ingesting irritants and your hydration remains priority number 1!

Supplement Solution: Jamieson’s Multi Drink Mix
In our ready-to-go sticks, you receive 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins. A flavourful option for those who still want to get all the nutrients they need, but hate swallowing pills!


While gazing into it could sound tempting, the sun’s radiation can do some harm to your eyes, and prolonged exposure may leave you susceptible to cataracts, macular degeneration and even temporary loss of vision. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the elements and stylishly help keep the squint-induced wrinkles at bay.

Supplement Solution: Jamieson Lutein.
Chock filled with antioxidants that support the maintenance of good eye health, lutein is believed to block blue light from reaching the core of your retina, significantly reducing the risk of light-induced damage.

Travel probiotics

With the introduction of unfamiliar foods, the frequenting of foreign locales and the breaks in routine, your travels can easily trip up your digestion, inflicting intestinal doom on your stay. Often leading to unwanted side effects like constipation or traveller’s diarrhea, lovingly dubbed Montezuma’s revenge, there are few worse ways to spend your holiday. Probiotics keep your gut in check by promoting a healthy digestive tract and immune system, keeping your stomach strong for whatever lies ahead.

Supplement Solution: Daily Travel Probiotics
Our travel probiotics are conveniently packed to keep them intact for full potency. They’ll keep your gut in check no matter what foods you may run into along your trails.

Sleep Aid

A healthy sleep pattern is fundamental to seizing the day, but sometimes jetlag can get in the way, taking up to 24 hours for your system to fully recover! When your body is still catching up with your time zone, falling asleep in unfamiliar settings can be a challenge. But what’s really happening when you’re struggling to sleep? Your brain’s pineal gland secretes a hormone called melatonin, which is responsible for regulating your internal clock, and your body produces less of it in the notably active daytime and more of it in the night. But when travelling through time zones, your system is adjusting to differences in time and light, muddling the distinction between when the body should be awake or asleep. That’s when supplementation can step in!

Supplement Solution: Melatonin Spray.
While Jamieson offers many formats, the most travel-friendly is our spray! Kiss sleepless nights away goodbye with this easy-to-carry, easier-to-use spray that lets you control exactly how many mg of melatonin your body needs.

Portable Phone charger

Let’s set the scene: you get off the plane, claim your baggage, power walk to the arrivals platform only to pull out your phone and find yourself in the red. Your charger is deep in your suitcase, so to get the juice you need, you’ll have to find an open space, unzip, unroll and release the cord. Fun level = 0. To skip the stress, keep a portable charger handy when travelling! Your sweat glands will thank you for it.

Supplement Solution: stay charged up with our B12 spray!
Need a boost before you take off? Vitamin B-12 helps convert food into glucose, giving you the energy you’ll need to navigate your check-in.


We don’t think it can be said enough: protect your skin! Not only is it your body’s largest organ, but it keeps you safe from microbes and regulates your exterior temperature. It is responsible for the safekeeping of many of your body’s most vital components and is your body’s biggest “protector”. And you are its biggest guardian! It can be a challenge not to use your vacation as an opportunity to lie out and welcome the sun, but UV rays can cause lasting damage to your skin, impeding its ability to protect you, and causing solar spots, premature aging and even skin cancer.

Supplement Solution: Jamieson Vitamin D.
While sunscreen helps protect you from those ailments, it also prevents you from obtaining your recommended dose of vitamin D. With our vitamin D you can get the benefits you need without putting your armour at risk!