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Jamieson applauds Canadians

Toronto, Ontario (June 16, 2010) — Jamieson Laboratories thanks the thousands of Canadians who participated in the inaugural Jamieson Trees challenge. Since the launch of the tree-planting campaign in April, more than 9,500 new seedlings, saplings and young trees have been put in the ground across Canada. In addition to matching every tree planted, Jamieson is pleased to announce a donation of $19,156 to Scouts Canada, a gift of two dollars for each tree planted.

Jamieson Trees launched on April 16, 2010, in Windsor, Ontario, home of Jamieson Laboratories. Staff from Jamieson joined elementary students and local residents at Northwood Public School in a tree-planting ceremony to announce their commitment to make Canada greener — one tree at a time. Jamieson Trees ran from Earth Day to World Environment Day (June 5).

Thousands of people from across Canada responded to the environmental challenge to plant trees. Students, seniors, corporations, governments in urban and rural settings enthusiastically embraced the initiative. Stories, photos and videos of tree-planters in action are shared on Jamieson Cares,Facebook and Twitter. An exceptional video capturing the essence and simplicity of Jamieson Trees was created by Toronto area highschool students.

“The public participation in Jamieson Trees has been both heart-warming and inspiring,” says Vic Neufeld, president and CEO of Jamieson Laboratories. “I would like to share the words from one of this year’s participants that were posted on our campaign website: ‘I will be 80 years old in September, this year. I will never see my two little Jamieson Trees grow to produce cones, but someone else will. That’s all that really matters!’ This quote inspired the entire team at Jamieson and reinforced how important this environmental initiative is. Due to the positive feedback, we have decided to make this an annual challenge. Beyond our tree-planting initiative we have also chosen to support Scouts Canada, an organization rich in tradition that shares our vision that environmental stewardship is critical for future generations.”

“The Scouts Canada Foundation is very pleased to receive this donation from Jamieson Laboratories,” said Scott Fortnum, Chair of Scouts Canada Foundation Board. “Scoutrees is only one of many Scouting activities youth can undertake to show their concern for the environment, but it’s a phenomenal program.” Scoutrees is a program that involves 25,000 Canadian youth in an effort to plant over 200,000 trees this year.

Jamieson is committed to the naturalization and reforestation of Canada’s urban areas. Earlier this spring, Jamieson Laboratories unveiled a 10-year pledge to the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) to reforest a 121-acre former Carolinian forest. The property is located along the shore of Lake Erie, and it will be naturalized with more than 72,000 seedlings, representing approximately 10 years of Jamieson’s wood-fibre consumption.

About Jamieson Cares
Jamieson Cares: Good for you. Good for the planet. Jamieson Cares supports grassroots environmental action. The programs focus on tree planting and wildlife protection in urban communities.

About Jamieson Laboratories
Established in 1922, Jamieson Laboratories is Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of advanced natural-health products and a world-leading innovator in the development of proprietary formulas. All Jamieson products are made at the company’s state-of-the-art laboratories in Windsor. With corporate offices in Toronto, Jamieson exports products to more than 50 countries.