First clinically proven collagen supplement to relieve joint pain and ease mobility

Toronto, June 14, 2011 — Most people think that arthritis is an inevitable part of aging. Today, Jamieson Laboratories has introduced UC-II®undenatured collagen, a formulation that will turn back the clock on joint pain by naturally promoting the restoration of cartilage and inhibiting its deterioration. This new anti-aging formula taken only once daily is proven to be twice as effective as other joint remedies.1

Cartilage, a connective tissue made of collagen, covers our bones and cushions our joints. With age, however, it becomes thin, causing bone-on-bone contact, or osteoarthritis pain and reduced mobility. “As we age the cartilage can become damaged and thinned. Osteoarthritis is the result of the loss of this protective cartilage and eventually bone on bone contact. The joint will become painful and lose mobility. A variety of factors, including trauma, aging, overuse and genetics, cause this protective layer to break down,” explains Dr. Michael Clarfield, Director of The Sports Medicine Specialists clinic in Toronto. “Once this process begins, it progresses over your life with continued breakdown of the cartilage and the joint. It is important to protect the joint and do everything possible to slow the process. Proactive joint maintenance is the primary consideration.” Supported by five peer-evaluated clinical trials, Jamieson Collagen Complex contains a therapeutic dose of this patented formula. Manufactured using a low-temperature process, the active UC-II undenatured collagen molecules are preserved whereas other collagen products are processed at high temperatures that destroy the active epitope molecules.2

“The dual-action epitopes make the difference,” says Jamieson’s Dr. Sara Henderson N.D. “They inhibit the enzymes that degrade cartilage and they promote cartilage repair. A 2009 study showed that UC-II undenatured collagen was more than twice as effective in reducing pain and stiffness and increasing mobility when compared to glucosamine and chondroitin alone.” UC-II undenatured Type II collagen is the only collagen product proven by clinical research to reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis.1

Made exclusively with North American-sourced ingredients, Jamieson Collagen Complex also contains shellfish-free glucosamine to help protect cartilage, Vitamin C to synthesize collagen and magnesium to support bone health. Like all Jamieson formulas, Collagen Complex is manufactured in Canada according to 360 Pure, a proprietary, quality-assurance protocol that guarantees product safety, purity and biological activity. Jamieson Collagen Complex may be purchased at grocery stores and pharmacies across Canada for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $19.99 for 30 capsules.

About Jamieson Laboratories
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