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We make headlines. Whether it’s to launch new products, reveal significant developments, or share news that may be of interest to the community, we send out media releases to keep you in the loop.

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Ruth Winker
Director of Corporate Communications
Jamieson Laboratories

Recent News

First clinically proven collagen supplement to relieve joint pain and ease mobility

Toronto, June 14, 2011 — Most people think that arthritis is an inevitable part of aging. Today, Jamieson Laboratories has introduced UC-II®undenatured collagen, a formulation that will turn back the clock on joint pain by naturally promoting the restoration of cartilage and inhibiting its deterioration. This new anti-aging formula taken only once daily is proven to be twice as effective as other joint remedies.1 Cartilage, a connective tissue made of collagen, covers our bones and cushions our joints. With age, however, it becomes thin, causing bone-on-bone contact, or osteoarthritis pain and reduced mobility. “As we age the cartilage can become damaged...

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Jamieson Vitamin D: A taste of sunshine

January 13, 2011 (Toronto, Ontario) —Vitamin D is a rising star in the nutrient world and the focus of more than 200 clinical studies last year. In 2011, Jamieson Laboratories is brightening the winter landscape with a new line of premium Vitamin D supplements that support optimal health."There is an incredible amount of consumer interest in Vitamin D,” says Vic Neufeld, President and CEO of Jamieson Laboratories. “Research is proving the sunshine supplement’s importance for good health. Our goal was to find the most potent and effective Vitamin D available."In Canada, only Jamieson formulas are made using Quali™-D, the purest...

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Jamieson Laboratories invites Canada to support “Call For The Wild!”

Toronto, Ontario (September 28, 2010) — Today, Jamieson Laboratories launches “Call for the Wild,” a five-week, public-education campaign that will raise awareness of urban wildlife across Canada. The interactive, social-media program is the latest initiative from Jamieson Cares, the company’s social-responsibility brand. Hosted at, “Call for the Wild!” features weekly themes that are supported by multimedia content to educate Canadians about their role in the protection, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. Participants are invited to share their personal stories, photographs and videos of wildlife in their community. Each photograph will automatically be entered in a weekly draw for a...

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Jamieson applauds Canadians

Toronto, Ontario (June 16, 2010) — Jamieson Laboratories thanks the thousands of Canadians who participated in the inaugural Jamieson Trees challenge. Since the launch of the tree-planting campaign in April, more than 9,500 new seedlings, saplings and young trees have been put in the ground across Canada. In addition to matching every tree planted, Jamieson is pleased to announce a donation of $19,156 to Scouts Canada, a gift of two dollars for each tree planted.Jamieson Trees launched on April 16, 2010, in Windsor, Ontario, home of Jamieson Laboratories. Staff from Jamieson joined elementary students and local residents at Northwood Public...

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Jamieson launches corporate sustainability campaign

Jamieson Laboratories is pleased to announce the naturalization of an historic landscape in Essex Region while also launching a national, public tree-planting campaign appropriately named Jamieson Trees.Jamieson, Canada’s leading vitamin and natural health products manufacturer, unveiled its 10-year commitment to the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) to reforest a 121-acre former Carolinian forest. The property is located along the shore of Lake Erie, and it will be naturalized with more than 72,000 seedlings, a number representing approximately 10 years of Jamieson’s wood-fibre consumption.“Jamieson has long represented more than simply being Canada’s number-one producer of premium natural health products,” explains Vic...

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High blood-pressure risk, no reward — education and prevention essential

Toronto (Nov 19, 2009) — Today, Jamieson Laboratories, in partnership with the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), is holding a one-day Blood Pressure Blitz in Toronto’s underground PATH system in an effort to educate consumers about the number-one risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor of heart disease. For every blood pressure (BP) taken, Jamieson will make a donation to the VON. Known as the silent killer, blood pressure affects nearly one in four Canadians and yet 43 percent of those don't know it.1 Education is essential in warning Canadians about the risk of high blood pressure. With...

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Kids not getting nutrients they need

Toronto (Oct 26, 2009) — Parents want to make sure their children are getting the nutrients they need to grow and thrive but sometimes it's easier said than done. According to a recent Leger Marketing survey of Canadians parents with children between the ages of 3 and 12 conducted on behalf of Jamieson Laboratories, almost 60 percent of parents say their children are picky eaters with the same percentage of parents concerned their children aren't getting the proper nutrients they need for growth and development.1Parents who have children between the ages of three and five were most likely to hide...

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Jamieson Laboratories announces 360 pure — raising benchmarks for safety, purity and quality-control of vitamin products

Jamieson Laboratories, Canada’s most trusted and respected manufacturer of advanced health products, today unveiled 360 Pure — the company’s commitment to product quality, safety and purity. The ground-breaking protocol represents the most comprehensive quality-assurance program in Canada’s nutritional-supplements industry and reinforces Jamieson’s 85-year leadership as Canada’s number-one vitamin company.“Jamieson Laboratories has always led the way in innovation and excellence with its premium products,” said Vic Neufeld, President and CEO, Jamieson Laboratories. “The proprietary 360 Pure promise reinforces the company’s goal to provide consumers with the best vitamin and mineral formulas they can buy, which is why we are Canada’s most...

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