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Mega Cal™ Calcium & Vitamin D3 | Soft Chews

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  • Helps prevent bone loss, osteoporosis
  • Helps maintain strong bones and healthy teeth
  • Mega Cal is a high potency blend of 5 calcium sources
  • Enriched with Vitamin D3 for optimal Calcium absorption
  • Delicious Swiss Chocolate and French Caramel Cream soft chews
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Product Description

Jamieson Mega Cal™ Calcium 600 mg + D3 400 IU Soft Chews is enhanced with vitamin D3 for optimal calcium absorption, this natural complex of five calcium sources provides a high-potency of calcium in a delicious swiss chocolate or french caramel cream soft chew.


Adults and children 1 year and older: Take 1 soft chew 2 times daily. Take a few hours before or after taking other medication. Store between 15ºC and 25ºC, away from children.

Serving Size

2 soft chews daily


60 soft chews

Ingredient Information


Swiss Chocolate French Caramel Cream
Elemental Calcium1 650 mg 650 mg
Vitamin D3 10 mcg/400 IU 10 mcg/400 IU

  1. Mega Cal™, high absorption calcium is a complex of carbonate, citrate, malate, fumarate, succinate sources

Nutritional Information: 5.5 g/serving = 1 soft chew

Nutritional Information Swiss Chocolate French Caramel Cream
Energy 17 Cal/71 kJ 17 Cal/73 kJ
Fats 0.4 g 0.4 g
Carbohyrates 3.2 g 3.4 g
Sugars 1.7 g 2.0 g

Also Contains

Swiss Chocolate French Caramel Cream
Sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, natural coconut oil, natural cocoa, glycerin, natural and artificial vanilla flavour, soy lecithin, salt. Sucrose, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, natural coconut oil, dried milk solids, glycerin, natural & artificial vanilla flavour, natural caramel flavour, lecithin (soy), salt, natural caramel colour.
NO gluten, lactose, artificial colours or preservatives. NO gluten, artificial colours or preservatives.