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Environmental Leadership and Sustainability

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At Jamieson, our dedication to improving the health and wellness of Canadians naturally extends to our environment.

Our environmental initiatives ensure that we:

  • meet all domestic and international environmental regulations and, to the extent practical, implement initiatives that exceed government requirements
  • consider the impact of new products, packaging, technologies and operational procedures on the environment
  • encourage conservation internally and externally through our business partners, suppliers and customer relationships

To increase the efficiency and sustainability of our business and manufacturing process, we:

  • established a tree-planting initiative to offset the company’s wood-fibre consumption over the next 10 years. Learn more about the Jamieson Forest here
  • conserve water by using dry-compression technology to manufacture our tablets
  • participate in all municipal recycling programs for paper and plastic at our Canadian facilities
  • installed roof-top solar panels at two manufacturing facilities which generate 1000kW of power per year. This prevents the generation of 464 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually and is the equivalent of planting 36,630 trees
  • equipped all of our manufacturing facilities with LED lighting to further reduce our energy consumption
  • use only low volatile organic compound (VOC), vegetable-based inks in all marketing communications materials in accordance with the emerging industry standard
  • use entirely recyclable plastic supplement bottles and caps
  • use recycled and recyclable cardboard, the latter accounting for a 40 per cent landfill diversion of company waste
  • use recyclable and recycled plastics (ABS, styrene and food-grade plastics), wire and sheet metal in all displays
  • continue to investigate ways of reducing material consumption 

We’re Saving Energy