2021 Wellness Trends To Look Out For

Dear 2020: we’ve moved on.
Ready to ramp up for the year ahead, we’re chronicling some of the top wellness trends you’ll see in 2021. Some might fly, some might fail, but remember – we called it first.

Trend 1: Our stress levels are high, so our apps are listening
And that starts with tracking stress. One of the biggest contributors to degraded health, stress is arguably an epidemic of its own. With some surveys reporting at least 52.4% percent of Canadians as feeling regularly stressed, it seems we have a real problem on our hands. A July 2020 study shows that the pandemic has worsened conditions, increasing stress levels in a way so, doctors are already beginning to see an increase in stress-related heart diseases. Enter technology to track what’s broken! With the newest Apple Watch released with blood oxygen monitor to track breathing to help detect increased levels of stress and panic and the latest FitBit now formulated to track and detect stress, the digital gods have their eyes on your health.

Trend 2: Vitamins punctuate pandemic personal care regimens
With all the hand washing, and the sanitizing and the glove wearing COVID has brought in tow, our skin is dryer than ever. 2021 is dialing into caring for our extremities like never before, corporal products are utilizing more refined ingredients, taking a whole-body approach to skin nourishing. With niacinamide searches hitting shrill +193% for the month of July 2020 alone, you can expect to see spots of vitamin infused products like these (and these) on a vanity near you. New world conditions like maskne (see: acne you get from wearing a mask all day) will be targeted through novel products like face mists, and with so much screen time, blue light sunscreen is becoming a thing.

Trend 3: We are using produce from root to stem
As the world plunges deeper into no-wasteland, you’ll notice an increase in foods sourced from what might traditionally be coined as ‘scraps’. Brands like Imperfect Foods and Misfit Market are turning a blind eye to flaws and taking their imperfect product to the masses. Do you strain the bits out of your OJ? Call it pulp-purpose! With a renewed focus on our environment, 2021 is the year of finding nutrition from root to stem. From chips to probiotic-rich granola, orgs are stocking the snack aisle with upcycled goods so discreetly delicious, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life.

Trend 4: Take two for EVOO
Though you’ll notice many other ‘unconventional’ oils, but our main makes its way back to the center of health and wellness’ heart. That’s right: clear the floor for the rightful return of olive oil. While rich in healthy monosaturated and free-radical fighting antioxidants, what’s re-igniting the buzz around olive oil is an anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory compound called elenolide. You’ll also hear talks of tyrosol, which is another compound known for its ability to protect against neurodegenerative diseases. Make way for a new wave of olive oil foods in the form of chips, popcorn and seaweed snacks.

Trend 5: Fresh air fitness on the rise
Spending so much time indoors has left us pining for the sweet relief of open air, and this trend trails into the way we do fitness. With looming restrictions, gyms are taking their acts to the pavement, initiating the rise of al fresco workouts.  Though we saw an increase in these throughout the warmer months of 2020 (with established clubs adapting to provide full-service outdoor experiences), the impact getting outside can have on your sleep, focus and immunity steers our forecast towards more of this to come in this new year. And while there are many virtual options for those who prefer the comforts of their own homes, we are lacing up our kicks and bracing ourselves for the crispy air to come.