3 Ways to Better Start Your Day

3 Ways to Better Start Your Day

Apr 30, 2018

A fresh start means a strong finish! Fact: most successful people have morning routines. These people do their best to take small steps every day that help them stay happy, grateful and present. The good news? Anything they can do, you can do, too! Set yourself up for success with our favourite ways to start the day.

Breakfast of Champions

Did you know that people who regularly enjoy breakfast have a tendency to have more energy to start the day, and habitually eat healthier throughout? The truth is, eating breakfast means you’ll likely eat less throughout the day. Outside of simply breaking your evening fast, breakfast replenishes your glucose levels and stocks up your energy supply to help you conquer the day. A healthy breakfast helps you get important nutrients and minerals from the start, providing you with the protein and fibre you need to start strong. The best part? Protein helps to stabilize your blood sugar so you’ll be able to keep your energy up until lunch! Not sure what to make this morning? Try this rich and creamy smoothie bowl! It’s rich in potassium and healthy fats; it will provide you with 100% of your RDA of multivitamins, vitamin D, omega-3 and probiotics!

Goals are dreams with deadlines

Starting your day with intention fuels you with positive energy to tackle your to-do. This exercise is simple: take pen to paper and write out at least 4 tangible things you are confident you’ll be able to get done today. Work through the day with that intention, and reward yourself with something for half an hour of “you” time. This can mean a nap, a book, or even your favourite television show. You can choose whatever way you wish to reward yourself for a job well done.

Start with stillness

Meditation has been shown to have enormous health benefits, both mental and physical. Known to alleviate anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and heart disease, meditation is a stress management tactic that allows you to enhance self-awareness, reduce stress and take control of your emotional health overall. Though there may be some apprehension around when and where this is best, it’s simpler than many think. To get started, carve 5 minutes out of your morning routine to declutter your mind and focus on the present. The steps are easy: set a timer for 5 minutes. Lay flat on your back, place your arms along your sides, palms facing the sky. Breathe. Acknowledge any distractions that may come your way, but always return to focusing on your breath. As you wrap up your time, finish with one aspirational intention to set the tone for the day. This could be anything you wish (ex: ”I will be kind today” or ”I will be present”). To finish this exercise, get up, get dressed, and take on the day!


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