3 Ways to Prepare Your Body for The Changing Seasons

3 Ways to Prepare Your Body for the Changing Seasons

Sep 30, 2020

Fall is a time of renewal that helps us brace ourselves for the winter to come. The change is season has a real impact on our bodies and our routines. While it can be hard to keep up with all of the pivots, here are 3 simple ways to get your body ready for the season ahead.

Update your skincare
Your skin has different needs through the seasons. One of the most critical is hydration. To avoid dry, itchy skin, the Canadian Dermatology Association recommends keeping the air in your home moist with a humidifier, keeping drying hot showers to a minimum, and using a moisturizer with ceramides, a fat that helps form the skin barrier and retain moisture overall, to help protect your skin barrier. Since your skin is usually dryer and flakier, we’d also suggest adding exfoliation to your process to remove dead skin and allow new cells to surface, and add a hydrating cream to your list of skincare priorities (we love this one, which features free-radical fighting vitamin E)!

Switch up your produce
The best way to ensure a healthy winter is by leading a healthy life! Follow Mother Nature’s lead when it comes to food and seasonality. Fill your diet with foods rich in the nutrients your body needs to stay strong. That means root vegetables like carrots and turnips for your share of vitamin C and A (which help heal wounds and maintain the proper functioning of your immune system), comforting grains like oatmeal to amp up the zinc (which helps to fight infection) and soluble fiber (to help regulate blood sugar), as well as eggs and fatty fish to maintain your vitamin D levels (which take a dip while you’re away from the sun in the winter time).

Start supplementing
This season, your immune system can use all of the help it can get. While this starts with a healthy lifestyle that includes staying active, eating healthy and being mindful of stressors, it also means keeping up with the nutrients your body requires to ward off sickness. And while a good meal, great working and a heartful chat with your therapist will certainly help, sometimes you get sick anyway!  Powerful supplements like Jamieson Cold Fighter combines four natural cold-fighting ingredients, Echinacea, ginger, vitamin C and zinc all in just one pill or chewable tablet per day to help support your immunity when you need it most.

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