Food as Medicine

4 Natural Food Items That Double as Remedies for Your Everyday Ailments

Apr 01, 2019

Though the subject of meal time, food's function spans further than satiety. In its purest form, food is medicine. Ingrained with nutrients, food is Mother Nature’s answer to more than an empty belly. Helping fight things like stress, inflammation, digestion and otherwise, specific and intentional eating may be what your 'get-well ritual' has been waiting for. Here is a list of the foods you should stock up on now!

Ginger for Spasm Relief
Fragrant and warm, ginger is best known for its ability to kick flavour up a notch. Did it ever strike you that this isn’t the max of its capacity? Nausea and upset stomach aside, a recent study from 7 clinical trials published in pubmed, shows that ginger has been found to be an effective reliever of menstrual cramps.

Turmeric for Arthritis
A powerful anti-inflammatory, we've claimed turmeric as the super spice du jour. Shown to reduce pain, inflammation and overall stiffness in those experiencing rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the Organization for Arthritis has said it to be effective in the prevention of joint inflammation. Studies have also shown turmeric supplements to provide long term improvement in pain and overall function with most patients dealing with knee osteoarthritis.

Bananas for Stress and Anxiety
What's yellow, fruity and a potential cure for anxiety? High in tryptophan, the essential amino acid that help create good-mood chemical serotonin, studies have found banana pulp and peel extract effective in relieving and reducing stress and anxiety. While you can't supplement with serotonin itself, tryptophan has been found to increase levels of the neurotransmitter, having a positive impact on mood and migraines. This helps curb the feelings of worry and panic that may come with stress and anxiety.

Pickled or Fermented Foods When You've Got Run Belly
The big brown elephant in the room, diarrhea, defined as loose watery stool, occurs when the contents in your digestive system are being moved so quickly that your intestines don't have time to absorb fluids. This can happen for many reasons. This can be through bacterial, viral or parasitic infection, medical diseases or conditions like Chron's or colitis. Fermented foods are often filled with good bacteria that can combat the bad ones irritating your stomach lining. Lactobacillus based trials showed 'a statistically significant association of probiotic administration with reduction in AAD', supporting probiotic use as effective in the cessation of antibiotic-causing diarrhea. The next time your stomach feels a little runny, try something quick like kefir or kombucha to help restore the bacterial balance.



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