Vitamin Guide: 5 Supplements to Take When You Need to Get Better NOW

Vitamin Guide: 5 Supplements to Take When You Need to Get Better NOW

Dec 04, 2023

Ever been caught in the clutches of a nasty cold or a relentless flu, wishing for a quick remedy? We've all been there. There IS something you can do to speed up recovery and get back to your plans. Supplements are a great way to give the body what it needs while on the mend, but it can be confusing to know what to take and when.

In this guide, we'll navigate the realm of vitamins and herbs and their role in combating colds & the flu. Let’s answer questions like “Which supplements pack the punch needed to combat sickness effectively? How do they work, and which ones are worth incorporating into your regimen?” and most importantly: “which should I take to get better quicker?”

  1. Ginger

This root has been recognized for centuries for its cold and flu relief properties. And it’s no wonder ginger tea is a go-to, easy home remedy to soothe symptoms. Ginger has over 400 different compounds, and gingerol is one of the most important, especially since it’s been linked to anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.1 Studies show that ginger can prevent viruses from overstaying their welcome. 1 Not only does it prevent viruses from entering and replicating, but it can also influence the immune system to be more vigilant.1 One quick and easy way of incorporating this root while you’re already sick is with ginger tea. Another easy way is with Jamieson’s Ginger, as it’s traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve bronchitis as well as coughs and colds.

  1. Garlic

Another herb that is a staple in almost everyone’s kitchen, garlic is also found to help fight off colds & the flu. Research has indicated that allicin, one of How does garlic help with prevention and alleviation of colds and the flu Research shows that garlic can block viruses from entering cells and replicating.3 It also does a great job at strengthening the immune system – especially fighting cells like macrophages and antibiotic-producing B-cells, enabling them to work more effectively and fight off unwanted viruses.3 Try adding garlic to get a boost during the winter season, along with Jamieson’s Odourless Garlic.

  1. Oregano

Not only delicious on your favorite pasta, oregano also boasts strong antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. Carvacrol, a key compound in oregano oil, has strong antimicrobial actions and works by damaging bacteria so they’re rendered ineffective.­4 Jamieson has made it easy to get these antimicrobial benefits with its Oregano Oil plus Vitamin D and E. This supplement helps maintain immune function and helps reduce the number of upper respiratory tract infections and colds in those with a vitamin D deficiency.

  1. Elderberry

Another must-have for treating colds & the flu is elderberry. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and anthocyanins, elderberry boosts antibacterial and antiviral activities as well.5 Research shows that those who supplement with elderberry  experience fewer symptoms and spend fewer days having a cold.5 Based on the research, some health experts find elderberry a safer alternative to prescription drugs for common colds.6 A delicious way to benefit from elderberry is with Jamieson’s Elderberry Gummies with immune-fighting echinacea and ginger. They help relieve cold and flus symptoms, like coughs and sore throats, and are a family favourite that  can be enjoyed by both adults and children!

  1. Cold Fighter

Last but not least, Jamieson’s Cold Fighter has a synergetic blend of immune-supportive herbs like echinacea, and ginger and vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and zinc. Echinacea is another herb that positively 7 influences the immune system and helps reduce the incidence of colds.8 Vitamin C and zinc support immune cells so they can work more effectively. Jamieson’s Cold Fighter is an expertly formulated supplement that helps fight early signs of cold and flu symptoms and can help shorten the duration of upper respiratory tract infections.

Make sure you’re prepared for this cold and flu season with these 5 must-have supplements.


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