Our Favourite 2020 Wellness Trends

Top 2020 Wellness Trends

Jan 06, 2020

Another year, another roundup! This one is extra special because it’s at the top of the newest decade. That’s right, folks: welcome to the future! In 2019 we saw the rise of mushrooms, acro-yoga, bakuchiol and many interesting fads in between. Here’s what we see coming for 2020.

Sound baths
An ancient wellness practice, sound baths use music for both psychological and physiological healing. Studies have proven that music can lower blood pressure, slow down pulse as well as lend a helping hand to our parasympathetic nervous system, which is the system responsible for digestion and metabolism. While researchers have been observing the efficacity of this kind of treatment for quite some time, it has very recently garnered the attention of wellness crowds. In 2020, look out for meditative practices including this modernized ritual.

Plant-based everything
This one isn’t new, but it will be taking on a new life in 2020. In 2019, we saw a surge in plant-based offerings with beyond meat burgers finding their way into most food chains. But the plant-based train doesn’t stop there! Moving beyond beef, you’ll see poultry and fish alternatives on a shelf near you. And we’re not just talking soy nuggets and less-than-fish sticks. Expect products that rely less heavily on soy and sodium, and more aptly on more nutritionally-dense sources like mushrooms and chickpeas, as well as whey and pea-protein! Oh, and as for that cauliflower craze? Looks like there’s a new chickpea in town.

Lymphatic health
We’ve all heard of the wondrous benefits of the jade roller, but 2020 aims to step it up a notch with even more ways to look after your lymphatic system. Which one is that, you ask? Your lymphatic system is the one in charge of ordering the excess fluid you produce back into your bloodstream. That means cellular waste, bacteria, pathogens and most other liquid waste you’re unknowingly producing. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t pump itself, it relies on you to keep it flowing. Enter: all the spa treatments you’ll see in 2020. The beauty industry has zeroed in on this, so outside of the massages and jade rollers, you’ll see facial tools go as far as zap of current to kickstart drainage. Talk about opening the flood gates!

CBD Skincare
While we at Jamieson are still waiting for science to catch up with studies on long-term effect, the entrance, and legalization, of cannabis has increased public interest in CBD-based products. One of the most formidable entrants in this space is CBD skincare. From serums to body butters, it seems there’s a lot of hype around this cannabis craze. With claims of cell-renewal and anti-inflammation, we are curious to see what’s next for this healthy beauty newcomer.

Your gadgets know more about you than ever
From health-conscious wearables to personalized vitamins (we even kicked off a subscription service that gets you a customized daily vitamin regimen, delivered right to your door) expect 2020 to invite an even closer relationship between technology and health care. This year, smart wearables will help make for data-driven decision-making when it comes to your everyday fitness endeavours. Whether that be giving you a digital snapshot of your activity levels to help you balance out your food choice, or utilizing your historical data to give you a forecast of heath woes to come (see: fertility windows, stress levels, sleep patterns and heart rate), 2020 gadgets will include health care apps that will reach, and teach, more people than ever before.

All kinds of retreats hit centre stage
With a pulsing need to get away, we will be diversifying the ways we do this in the coming decade. From yoga retreats to silent stays, you’ll see a sway from the boozy all-inclusives of the past to more wellness focused holidays that help you zero in on mind, body and soul. Vacay on the brain? Enter to win this one.


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