Here’s How to Stay Energetic, Even as You Age

Here’s How to Stay Energetic, Even as You Age

Feb 06, 2023

As the years pass by, you may look around and see several of your friends and colleagues slowing down. For many, aging is synonymous with moving more slowly and not having the energy you once had. What if there is another way to approach aging? What if we took the same energy and care that we give to those around us and directed some of it toward ourselves? Let’s dive into some key ways to support energy levels as we age!

  1. Pay attention to what’s on your plate:

It’s a good idea to look at what you are eating over the span of a week. If you see more takeout than homemade, and more packaged than fresh, then it’s a good idea to shake off some of these habits and opt for including more meals at home with foods that do not have ingredient lists. It has been well-researched and shown that “fresh, whole, unprocessed foods renew energy levels with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants”1.

  1. Get real with how many nutrients you are absorbing regularly:

We should all recognize that it is difficult to get all the required vitamins and minerals from food alone2. Your digestion, where the food is from, and how it is processed all impact how well the body can utilize nutrients. Although we suggest individuals try and eat a well-rounded, colourful, diet, we recognize that there is a place for vitamin supplements in a healthy, daily, plan.

  1. Specific vitamins for you:

As we age, our need for specific vitamins will increase. For example, after the age of 50, many will need additional B6 and vitamin D3, as these vitamins are found to be low in many individuals 50+.  A good and simple place to start is with a multivitamin. It is important to note that not all multivitamins are made the same (read more about this here), so it’s a good idea to double-check that the one you are about to buy meets your individual needs. Multivitamins can almost act like an insurance policy, helping us cover our bases with the necessary vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Jamieson’s Advanced Multivitamin and Energy Support is a wonderful addition to your daily routine, designed to help cover your bases with necessary vitamins and minerals as well as provide an extra boost of energy, thanks to the addition of 100mg of natural caffeine from coffee beans! This once-daily formula temporarily promotes wakefulness and enhances cognitive performance4.

A standout vitamin to support energy and how we feel in our bodies is B12. This special B vitamin is naturally energizing and actually helps the body convert carbs, proteins, and fats to energy5. A simple way to ensure you are getting the energizing benefits of B12 is to take it in supplement form. Jamieson’s B12 fast-dissolving tablets is cherry flavour are delicious. They dissolve on the tongue and provide your body with 1000mcg of highly absorbable B126.

One last tip to improve your energy throughout life is to move more! Moving your body helps with circulation, which means oxygen and nutrients can flow through the body better and provide more energy7! Whether you enjoy dancing, long walks with friends, or visiting your local gym, experts have shared time and time again that moving your body helps boost endorphins (feel-good hormones) and energy8!


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