How to choose a protein supplement

How to Choose a Protein Supplement

May 01, 2019

Protein is a friend to fitness and an essential component to your overall health. Brimming with enzymes, this macronutrient helps both nourish your body and restore your muscles. Though easily obtained through food and a well-balanced diet, sometimes you just can’t get enough on your own. No stranger to the supplement aisle, we know picking the right one can be a challenge. The good news? Intense labels and mammoth containers aside, it’s not as intimidating as it may seem. Here’s how you can make gains on your goals.

Look for one that suits your goals
If you’re supplementing with protein, chances are you’ve got fitness goals in your foresight. The kind of protein you take has a significant impact on your success. For instance, when it comes to building muscle, be sure to supplement with whey (diet permitting). With an extensive range of highly absorbent amino acids, whey protein can help you increase strength, but more importantly, sustain muscle. Alternatively, those focused on weight management should opt for proteins low in sugar or sweeteners made from starch (see: look for one with clean ingredients). If you aren’t looking to increase muscle mass or looking for a protein supplement to help in recovery of light exercises, look for one without BCAAs.

A note from us
As always, keep your dietary restrictions in mind when selecting a protein. Make sure to read the label for dairy, soy or other common allergens, and contact your health care practitioner if you’re unsure.

Look for one that suits your nutritional sensitivities or dietary restrictions
Many of us, whether from birth or thereafter, have conditions that leave us sensitive to irritants. Whether it be a sensitivity to gluten or dairy, or an interest in keeping things plant-based, keeping an eye out on labels to be sure there’s no mystery lactose, casein, soy, corn or animal by-products can be the difference between a great, or spoiled, experience.

Look for one that suits your taste buds
We have news: you don’t have to drink things you don’t like. Make sure your daily protein is one you enjoy drinking, otherwise, it may be hard to keep it as part of your daily routine. With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know what’s what. Trial is a task in itself but is made worse when it doesn’t taste like you expect. While adding fruit and nectars to your protein shake can drastically improve the flavour, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. Plus, why add extra sugar if you don’t have to? Opt for something delicious like our award-winning milk chocolate protein. Tasty and complete, it’s full of all our recommended essentials plus the power of protein!

Look for one with clean ingredients
A quality protein powder should include only ingredients that are whole and beneficial to your health. Some of these are less easy to interpret than others. Above all else, when picking a protein, make sure none of these ingredients come with it:

  • Fillers
    Used to bulk up powders, fillers like coconut flour and psyllium are to be avoided. Causing gastric distress, they often cause more bloating than benefit.
  • Glucose/Dextrin
    These sugary ingredients up your glycemic load and are quick to turn to stubborn fat, hindering your progress and intended goals.
  • Thickeners
    Typically manufactured from soy or corn, these ingredients are low in nutrition and can have (g)astronomical effects like bloating and intestinal discomfort.

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