Why Smoothies Are The Perfect Summer Drink

Why Smoothies Are The Perfect Summer Drink

Jul 04, 2018

Smoothies are delicious, nutrious and an easy way to get your goods on the go. But there are a few other reasons why this drink is a go-to. Here are our top 4 that should get you blending.

Energy boosting

Smoothies are a great way to power up for the day. Adding fruits like bananas, citrus and berries gives an instant nutritional zest, and when combined with protein, can help sustain energy levels. Fruits high in antioxidants fight hard to combat free radicals and fatigue-causing inflammation. But breakfast isn’t everyone’s favourite meal of the day. We know getting up and out of the door in the morning can be a challenge in itself, especially when you’ve still got sleep in your eyes. Have you thought of laying the groundwork? Setting aside some time to chop and bag fruit in the evenings can help you thrive in the mornings.

Reduces cravings

Smoothies indulge your sweet tooth with nature’s candy. Drinking smoothies allows you to leave the empty calories on the shelf and load up with whole foods that are nutrient-dense and craving-curbing. Reducing your cravings means leaving more room for good-for-you foods instead of ones high in fat, like chocolate or candy, and using super sweet fruits like pineapple or mango ensures you’re hitting the spot. But remember, even though still natural, fruits are still broken down by the body as a sugar. That’s why it’s important to proportion your smoothies with some veggies and protein to help balance out your macronutrients.


Foods high in vitamin C or E, like blueberries, grapes and cherries, are often largely comprised of antioxidants, molecules that inhibit the oxidization, or corroding, of other molecules. Adding these ingredients to your morning mix gives you an instant boost. Toting in these nutrients not only betters your diet, but adds a layer of protection to your immunity. Furthermore, many natural whole foods like fruits and vegetables, are high in fibre, playing a large role in healthy digestion. Fibre fuels the colon, maintains a steadily flowing digestive tract and allows glucose levels to rise and fall gradually. This helps control blood sugar levels by decreasing the amount of sugar absorbed into the bloodstream. Beyond this, adding fresh greens like kale and spinach will up your body’s alkaline levels. Stomach acid alone does not digest protein, so foods high in alkaline, e.g. greens like spinach and kale, help to regulate your stomach’s pH levels, making them easier to digest.

Flavour versatility

So many different flavour options and combinations depending on what you like, and what you’ve got on hand! Many ingredients go well with others, so the possibilities are endless! Menu too large to select from? Not sure how to pick? We got a head start with our Tropical Green, Orange Creamsicle or Peanut Butter and Jelly! Try them to get the ideas rolling (and let us know what you think in the comments!).


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