21 Days to a Better You Challenge

We know habits can be easy to start, but hard to uphold. That’s where our challenge comes in! From September 14th-October 5th, we’re giving you a chance to take your regular wellness to the next level. Kick the season off right with our challenge!

Here’s what we’re up to:

For the next 21 days, we will be sending you weekly to-do lists to help you strive towards building healthier habits. You’ll get 1 point for task you complete, and 9 points if you manage to do each task daily throughout the week. You will need a minimum of 9 points total to be considered for our grand prize draw, valued at over $375!

Wellness Prize Pack


Make sure it counts!

This is an Instagram contest, so to participate, you’ll have to follow us and share your progress by snapping a photo and posting it to your stories or newsfeed, tagging @jamiesoncanada and using #BetterYouwithJamieson. You can click here to head to submit your entries.

Into extra points? Tag a friend to double up! This means that if you challenge a friend to complete a task you’ve posted by tagging them in your caption (and they do it) then you (and they) will receive double the points for that task.

You ready to get started? Sign up now!