360 Pure

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Our 360 Pure promise

Jamieson has been dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Canadians since 1922.  Our 360 Pure promise represents our commitment to this dedication by exceeding industry standards to ensure our products are the safest, purest and most effective on the market.

It is our promise to ourselves and, more important, to you.

360 Pure starts with high-quality ingredients

Our comprehensive selection process ensures that only the best ingredients from high quality resources are used in every product we produce. The ingredients themselves are chosen as much for what they contain as for what they don’t – for where and how they are grown, harvested and processed. This is one of the reasons why our search for ingredients can take us around the world.

360 Pure guarantees absolute product purity

The ingredients we use are tracked, checked and monitored through a rigorous chain of custody. We screen ingredients for impurities — heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and microbiological contaminants, to name a few — before certifying them for use. Documentation follows each ingredient through its entire life. Long after a Jamieson product reaches the store shelf, each of its ingredients can be traced back to the date and batch where it began.

360 Pure means consistent active potency

Exposure to heat and water during the manufacturing process can affect a product’s potency. Jamieson safeguards product potency by using alcohol- and solvent-free extraction and dry-compression tableting procedures, all of which prevent dilution and contamination.

360 Pure relies on smart manufacturing

During manufacturing, airflow controls prevent cross-contamination. Equipment — scales, mixers, tableting machines, coating equipment and analytical devices — receives rigorous cleaning. Routine calibration and diagnostic tests ensure the precision of manufacturing equipment. Processing water comes from a purified source. Jamieson’s small, carefully controlled manufacturing batches ensure that you can purchase the freshest — and highest potency — products any day of the week.

360 Pure sets Jamieson apart — and is a symbol of safe, pure and effective products you can trust.