Sustainably Sourced™

Jamieson is committed to improving the world’s health and wellness without compromising the health of our planet and its oceans. By sustainably sourcing the fish oils used in all our Jamieson Omega products we are helping to protect and preserve our environment for future generations that will rely on our waters being healthy and full of life.

Our Sustainably Sourced™ logo guarantees that you’ve chosen an Omega product that only contains fish oils that have been sustainability sourced.

Jamieson’s Sustainably Sourced™ promise to you:

Regulated Fishing Stewardship

Jamieson carefully selects our fish oils from vendors globally who implement practices, procedures and equipment designed to protect fish stocks.

Our suppliers are carefully chosen through a variety of standard requirements designed to protect marine life including sustainable operations from fishery to finish, resource diversification, sustainable fish stocks and those who implement strategies for bycatch prevention.

Habitat and Environmental Protection

Jamieson is committed to improving the health and wellness of people worldwide without compromising the health of the earth’s natural resources. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment for future generations that will rely on our waters being healthy.

We ensure that fish oil used within our products come from suppliers utilizing environmentally friendly measures that encourage habitat preservation, and pollution prevention, thus protecting our people and the environment. This includes, but is not limited to: proper waste management, protection of the seabed, the reduction of overall carbon footprint, and social accountability.

Certified Accountability and Responsibility Practices

We hold ourselves accountable for the fish oils we use in our products, through using 3rdparty certifying bodies and government standards that go above and beyond our360 pure promise.  Our selection of oils must meet (at a minimum) government regulations and guidelines based on the country plus additional certifications.

The certifications we choose are recognized by international certification bodies. The partnerships with our suppliers are important as they progress towards global compliance by 2025. As our vendors transition to meet higher regulatory demands, they also meet the standard for internal guidelines that pertain to sustainability, quality, and environmental impact.

We guarantee that all products featuring the Sustainably Sourced™ certification meet, exceed, or are working towards individual international industry standards such as GOED,USP,NSFIFOS,MSC and FOS.

Purity Guaranteed

The comprehensive ingredient and vendor selection process we implement ensures that only the best ingredients from high quality resources and vendors are used in every product we produce.

Jamieson goes above and beyond to protect our consumers by ensuring every raw material is exactly what it should be going in and does not contain anything it should not, which includes adulteration, identification, contaminant, purity and micro testing through our 360 Pure Promise. 

Our raw materials are sourced from some of the highest quality vendors in their industries. Our vendors undergo several rounds of review or approval before being given the green light by our World-Class Quality team. Once approved, they are added to our vendor approval program which is continuously monitored and managed through our quality team.  We also work with our vendors regularly to ensure that every lot of product they supply meets our quality standards.

Not only do our raw materials undergo vigorous testing, but we also test every lot of raw materials and finished product.  Each step in our process warrants laboratory testing as well as verification and checks throughout the process using a variety of scientific technologies to guarantee the potency, purity and safety of our products. We test for a variety of contaminants such as oxidative analytes, pesticide residues, heavy metals, PCB’s + Dioxins, and a range of microbial contaminants.

The safety of our consumers is always our number one priority. We have developed our testing procedures and processes to ensure we can guarantee that every lot that is sold to our consumers not only meets industry quality standards but meets Jamieson’s quality standards.