5 Gifts to Give a Health Nut

5 Gifts to Give a Health Nut

Dec 04, 2019

Not sure what to get the health nut in your life? Here are 5 no-fail gift ideas.

A Calm subscription
By now you know how much we believe in meditation as a core part of your health and wellness regimen. Not only does it reduce stress, help to control anxiety and promote positive emotional health, but it can aid in reducing age-related memory loss, can help rewire the brain and can help curb the # 1 sleep disruptor: stress. Sleep deprivation has been linked to serious health afflictions like obesity, heart disease and depression. Apps like Calm help you get centered before bed and are the perfect gift for your health-focused friend looking to get Zen.

Jade roller
The jury is still out on when this tool took its claim to fame, but jade rollers are hot on the wellness trend. Used for relaxing and de-stressing, jade rollers do more than amplify your vanity. Used to fight inflammation and overall puffiness, the tool has been used long before it appeared on our social feeds. Jade rollers have a history of actual use, as they were once used by 7th century Chinese empresses to smooth their complexions. Firmly rolling a roller over your face is said to help push along built-up lymphatic fluids under your skin. This one is a perfect gift for the natural beauty on your list.

Soon after seasonal indulgence comes the urge to purge. Help kick start your friend’s fitness goals with a ClassPass membership. Available in many major Canadian cities, the service gives access to over 30,000 fitness studios and gyms around the world! With options from vinyasa to bootcamp, it’s the perfect gift for someone who’s getting started, or someone who’s looking to add a little something different to their routine.

My Vitamins
A personalized subscription service that lets you tailor your vitamin regimen to your very own  health goals and needs? This one is a no-brainer. You can start by choosing 4 pills (to a max of 10) from a curated selection of our favourite vitamins, minerals and supplements, and get your monthly supply of daily vitamin packs with your name on it delivered  every 4 weeks. My Vitamins is perfect for every level of health awareness, whether it be the pro in the know, the health-conscious traveller, or the novice looking to get in a little more nutrition. To get started, visit https://www.jamiesonvitamins.com/pages/my-vitamins

Wellness teas
High in antioxidants, tea, especially green, has been hailed for lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Though we can’t say it’s the magic bullet of health, we can most certainly confirm that when paired with a healthy and balanced diet, it can have wonderfully anti-inflammatory effects. Many studies have even suggested that the polyphenolic compounds found in the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, have been associated with positive effects curbing very serious illnesses like atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. When you loop in the fact that it’s super calming and a good excuse to take a moment to yourself with a fancy mug, you’ve got the makings of a perfect gift.


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