Natural Ways to Get More Energy

Natural Ways to Get More Energy

Sep 04, 2018

If there is one thing most of us can stand for, it’s more energy. Whether it be through food or activity, we’ve got a few ways to charge your power bar.

Increase your magnesium intake

An essential nutrient, magnesium is part of over 300 metabolic reactions, including forming ATP, a complex chemical responsible for carrying energy to and fro. One of its biggest tasks? Energy production. If you’re in need of an instant boost, opt for snacks high in the mineral like nuts and seeds. If you’re got a sweet tooth on your hands, dark chocolate may be a nice way to steady your plain. When eaten in moderation, this so called “cheat food” can actually give you the perk you need. With 176mg in every 100g serving, it ranks in at roughly half of your daily recommendation.

Reduce stress

A major cause of chronic inflammation and juice-drain overall is stress. While we all experience this to some degree or another, increased stress could be responsible for those afternoon yawns. A great way to get energized is through music. Not only can it help curb stress, music can have a great impact on mood, concentration and your brain’s aptitude overall. Listening to classical music, or even sounds of nature can instill calm, ultimately charging you up for the next task at hand. What’s more? Listening to music you actually enjoy can help you complete tasks more quickly, more efficiently and with more creativity.

Look away

Did you know the average person blinks roughly 18 times a minute? When you sit in front of a computer, that number decreases significantly, both drying and straining your eyes. If sitting in front a screen for most of your day, here’s a quick tip for getting an extra zap: use the rule of 20. This asks that you stare at a spot at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds at everyone 20 minutes, giving your eyes the much needed break they deserve, upping your energy levels along the way. Pro tip: If you’re not sure you’ll remember, send yourself a calendar reminder.

Keep an eye on your 40 winks

We’re sure you’ve heard this one before, but keeping tabs on your sleep and wake cycles can have a tremendous impact on your energy levels. Getting enough restful sleep is fundamental to sustaining energy throughout the day, and plays a key role in pivotal functions like memory, attention span and general cognition. Having trouble getting in deep? Supplements like melatonin help to improve the overall quality of your sleep, increasing total hours of actual sleep time overall. A perfect pair to melatonin is B12, a naturally energizing vitamin responsible for the metabolism of your body’s every cell. Adding foods high in B12 to your diet, like shellfish, tuna or fortified cereals, in tandem with regular exercise, can ensure you fall into the flow you need to get back into routine!


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