Self-care ideas that aren’t another sheet mask

Self-care Ideas That Aren’t Another Sheet Mask

Sep 01, 2020

Let’s make this clear: we love a pseudo spa day as much as anyone, we just don’t think caring for yourself needs to mean spending money. ‘Self-care’ is about more than taking your ‘love list’ to checkout, it’s about being good to yourself inside and out. It may seem like a challenge, but there are some super simple things you can do daily to do better by your body. Here are a few real-world ways to take better care of yourself regularly.

Walk without concern

There’s just something about being intentionally directionless that frees the mind and lets the spirit roam. But don’t just take that from us – experts say that hitting the open road can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. To top that off, studies have shown that getting outdoors can help taper fatigue and help you get better sleep at night.

Do something nice for someone you love
There are many ways kindness can impact your health, self-image and ability to self-care. Linked to slower aging and better heart health, those warm fuzzy feelings you get after doing something nice are no coincidence – they’re oxytocin, a hormone known to help reduce blood pressure and encourage the dilation of blood vessels. Acts of kindness have been known to have such a positive effect that the experts at Harvard have determined that in 136 different countries, altruistic people were happiest overall!

Prioritize nutrition
Fueling your body with nutrient-rich foods is at the heart of good health. Not only does it reduce the risk of chronic illness, but a healthy colourful diet has been known to have a significant impact on your mental health. While there are some great recipes out there that can help you stay on track, we know it isn’t always possible to fit it all in. So when you need to fill the nutritional gap, a multivitamin like this one will help keep you strong by giving your body 100% of its daily vitamin needs.

Learn to say 'no'
Have trouble saying ‘no’? Get in line. Learning to deny those you love is really hard work. Sometimes it’s because you feel obligated, other times it’s because you don’t like to disappoint people, but most of the time? It’s about boundaries. If you’re like many, you are already stressed and overwhelmed, so the simple act of saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘absolutely not’ can really be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. If the thought of accepting a request gives you a sinking feeling of dejection, then listen to yourself. And while you don’t need to be harsh, just be straightforward and try to decline in the most compassionate way possible.

Get enough sleep
Sleep is arguably the most important part of self-care. From brain health to heart function, getting a good night’s rest is the antidote to many everyday issues. Not only does it make good sense to prioritize sleep, it’s pivotal to your general well-being. And outside of giving you a break from the daily workings of your waking life, sleep supports your mental fortitude, improves learning and encourages productivity. Sleep also has a significant effect on your mood and physical ability. Before bed, do your best to calm your mind, clear your space and accept that the day is done. And if you’re having trouble, alternate solutions like this supplement can help you fall asleep faster (and say asleep longer).


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