Jamieson turns 90 with a commitment to a healthier world

May 10, 2012

Toronto, Ontario (May 10, 2012) — Today, North America’s first manufacturer of vitamins and nutritional supplements is celebrating its 90th birthday. Jamieson Laboratories will continue its role as a product and standards leader, while aiming to become the country’s first zero-footprint supplement manufacturer.

"A commitment to innovation is at the heart of our company philosophy," says Vic Neufeld, President and CEO of Jamieson Laboratories. "From the day our doors opened in 1922, Jamieson has set the tone for product excellence and selection, quality assurance, safety testing, sustainable technologies and community involvement. As time passes, our work in wellness compels us to close the circle on sustainability."

For more than a decade, ACNielsen has ranked Jamieson as Canada’s #1 Brand for Vitamins, Minerals and Nutritive Supplements. "We make more than 200 products and 50 proprietary formulas," explains Gary Leong, Vice-President of Scientific & Technical Affairs. "The company’s global search for the world’s leading natural-source suppliers plays a central role in our impressive list of industry firsts." These include: the first mega-potency vitamins, the first drug-approved botanicals, clinically-proven OTC antioxidants for reducing cholesterol, the smallest and most potent calcium mini-tablet, the first fast-dissolving Vitamin B12 strip and the first shelf-stable, gastro-protected probiotics.

Sustainable action is outlined in the corporate mission at Jamieson Laboratories. In 2010, the company made a commitment to offset 10 years of wood-fibre consumption by partnering with Essex Region Conservation Authority to naturalize a 121-acre former Carolinian forest along the shore of Lake Erie. Through Jamieson Cares, the company donates generously to hands-on tree-planting and wildlife rehabilitation programs in communities across Canada.

At Jamieson’s manufacturing facilities in Windsor, smart metres, installed in 1998, have cut energy use by 50%. This month, the company unveiled a 500 kWh solar panel system, developed by Solar Power Network, atop its manufacturing headquarters. "We’re leaving no stone unturned in our evaluation of sustainable manufacturing technologies," notes Neufeld. "The panels will reduce our footprint by 464 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, while feeding green energy into the local EnWin Utilities grid." A second rooftop installation is in the works for Jamieson’s other Windsor location.

"Our business is human wellness and vitality. We’re proud to lead our industry at home and to be a significant player in the international market," says Neufeld. "The Jamieson legacy will be our uniquely holistic contribution to people and the planet. It’s a very exciting time to be 90."

About Jamieson Laboratories
Established in 1922, Jamieson Laboratories is Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of advanced natural-health products and a world-leading innovator in the development of proprietary formulas. With corporate offices in Toronto, Jamieson exports products to more than 50 countries. For more information, visit jamiesonvitamins.com, or call 1-800-265-5088. Join us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @Jamieson_Labs.


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