How do I know that your products are good quality, or that they actually contain what's on the label?

Jamieson guarantees the purity, potency and safety of each product until the expiry date listed on the label. We have a quality assurance program called '360 Pure', that ensures our supplements are the safest, purest and most effective on the market.

This begins with a comprehensive raw material selection process, using only the top ingredients from the world's most natural sources. We then carry this into producing our formulas, when we undertake a total of '360 quality' control steps to meticulously test for absolute integrity and reliability.

With so many nutritionally enhanced and questionable products on store shelves, our dedication to quality distinguishes us from other brands. Finished botanical products and botanical supply chain samples are tested using TRU-ID biotechnology, and certificates are issued for compliant samples. Click here for more information about TRU-ID.