Rich and Creamy Milk Chocolate Smoothie

Rich and Creamy Milk Chocolate Smoothie

Apr 04, 2018

Looking for a delicious, but nutritious, way to start your day? This recipe should do the trick.

Our rich and delicious smoothie owes its creamy texture to the addition of avocado. Chock full of healthy unsaturated fat and vitamin E, avocadoes are a heart-healthy ingredient that impart lots of nutrition without any aftertaste. Avocadoes are also a good source of fibre, helping support digestive health as a whole. This milk chocolate smoothie is just what our Registered Dietitian, Michelle Latinsky, ordered!

To start, you’ll need:

    Then, follow these easy directions:

    1. Add all ingredients to blender except for maple syrup.
    2. Once blended to desired consistency, pour.
    3. Add maple syrup if desired.
    4. Enjoy!

    Rich and Creamy Chocolate Smoothie

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