Jamieson's Trademark Legend

Maintain your body’s defences.
Featuring the ImmuneShield™ power combination of zinc, vitamin C and echinacea, these potent lozenges are one of our favorite weapons in the seasonal battle against colds and flu.  They get to work fast; soothing your throat and helping you bolster your immune system and fight off colds and sore throats. Take preventatively as directed, or at the first sign of a scratchy throat.
Supporting healthy glucose control.
Jamieson’s Chelated Chromium features our SugarBalance™ technology;  a unique process that binds chromium, a mineral known for supporting healthy glucose levels, to a vegetable protein that helps ensure proper absorption of the active chromium, and optimizes its effects.
Nature’s Finest™
The finest flax oil nature offers.
Organically grown in the Canadian prairies, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, Nature’s Finest™ flax seeds are pressed to extract pure golden flax oil, without the use of solvents such as hexane.  This oil goes into Jamieson Flax oil capsules – made in Canada according to our own 360Pure protocols.
Smart Diet™
A sign of quality. A mark of trust approved and recommended by health professionals.
When you choose a supplement with the Smart Diet symbol, you can be confident that your choice is the right one because it has the highest quality ingredients, and has been approved and recommended by Jamieson’s elite panel of health professionals. Smart Diet™ is a seal of approval denoting an intelligent and balanced dietary supplement choice helping you distinguish between “fad” diet supplements and legitimate solutions like Jamieson Slim Down® .
Smart Vitamins™
There’s a reason we call them Smart Vitamins™. Actually, there are several:
Many of the ingredients in Smart Vitamins™ have been proven to help keep your brain healthy. Brilliant Smart Vitamins™ contain Vitamin D3, to help with memory and cognitive functions in areas of the brain involved in complex planning, processing and the formation of new memories1, 2. Smart Vitamins™ have B Vitamins to help synthesize neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine and histamine3. B vitamins also help maintain normal nerve function3. And if that wasn’t smart enough for you, Smart Vitamins™ also provides an antioxidant support (from Selenium, Vitamins E and C) to help protect cells, like neurons, from oxidative damage3-5.