Baby Essentials™

Taking care of your baby’s health can be easier with Jamieson Baby Essentials™. Specifically formulated supplements, Vitamin D, Omega & Probiotics, are here to support the growth and development of your baby in easy-to-use drops. Our scientists and health experts take the guess work out of what your baby needs to support their health and wellness.


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Baby Essentials Bundle_EN
Baby Essentials Bundle
$34.99 $49.98
  • Source of Probiotics & DHA
  • Helps improve colic symptoms
  • Baby Omega Drops
  • Baby Probiotic Drops
Sold Out SAVE 30%
9073_Baby Omega Drops_Carton_EN
Baby Omega Drops
$15.11 $16.79
  • Supports brain function
  • Source of omega-3s
  • Convenient liquid drop format!
  • Sustainably Sourced™
Sold Out SAVE 10%
6925_Baby-D | Vitamin D3 Droplets_MAIN_EN
Baby-D | Vitamin D3 Droplets
$11.00 $21.99
  • Short Dated: Expires 10/30/2024. Final Sale.
  • Supports your baby's development
  • Helps build strong bones & teeth
  • Unflavoured liquid drops
  • No artificial colours or flavours
SAVE 50%
7534_Probiotic Baby Drops_6550_
Probiotic Baby Drops
$23.39 $25.99
  • Helps reduce infant colic symptoms
  • Supports gastrointestinal health
  • 1 billion active cells per drop
  • Easy to use liquid drops
SAVE 10%
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7878 Bottle BI
$6.99 $13.99
Multivitamin for Kids | Gummies
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7877_Jamieosn Chewable Multi for Kids_Bottle_EN
$7.79 $12.99
Multivitamin for Kids | Chewables
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5869_Vitamin D Kids Chewable_Bottle_EN
$4.49 $8.99
Vitamin D3 for Kids
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9011_Probiotic | Chewable_MAIN_EN
$18.89 $20.99
Chewable Probiotic
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