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Energy and B12

Energy and B12

(Last Updated April 19, 2018)

What would you do if you had a little bit more energy every day? Imagine the possibilities! From starting your day off on the right side of the bed to actually getting things done on your to-do list and getting to bed on time, having more energy every day can feel life changing. As a natural source of energy, vitamin B12 supplements can help you get your daily dose of energy so you can be the best version of you.

About Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that provides your body with a natural source of energy by helping to break down the foods you eat (fat, carbohydrates and protein) and converting them into energy. Vitamin B12 helps to:

  • Provide your body with a source of natural energy
  • Reduce feelings of tiredness and weakness associated with some forms of anemia

As vitamin B12 is commonly found in animal sources such as eggs, milk and milk products, shellfish and poultry, those following a vegan or vegetarian diet are particularly at risk of deficiency.


(This video was created on May 6, 2016. As of April 17, 2018, Michelle Latinsky, RD, is no longer the Registered Dietitian and spokesperson for Jamieson Vitamins. Jamieson Vitamins has been granted permission from Michelle Latinsky to use this video until April 17, 2019.)

Jamieson vitamin B12 products are now formulated with methylcobalamin, an advanced form of B12 that provides faster acting energy through superior absorption. Methylcobalamin converts in just one metabolic step, so you can be naturally energized, faster!

Jamieson offers a wide range of B12 products formulated in a variety of variety strengths to match your energy needs. For those looking for alternatives to traditional tablets, we offer several innovative products, including delicious B12 sprays (available in raspberry and peppermint) and B12 cherry sublingual tablets, both of which are a fun, delicious and convenient new way to get your daily dose of energy, naturally.

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